How to Host a Magical Unicorn Birthday Party (Including Ideas & Tips)

Want to throw a bash as legendary as the mythical creature itself? Here's how to host an amazing unicorn birthday party.

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unicorn strawberry
Taste of Home

Start with a super cute treat

For an appetizer that’ll impress guests of any age, whip up these easy unicorn strawberries. Start by dipping strawberries in white chocolate. Pop them in the fridge for 30 minutes. Once set, pipe on petite dots of black icing for eyes and use colored frosting for the mane. A small piece of rolled fondant works well for a horn. Don’t have fondant? Use a birthday candle instead!

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Kids birthday party with colorful pastel decoration and unicorn rainbow cake. Little girl with sweets, candy and fruit. Balloons and banner at festive decorated table for child or baby birthday party.; Shutterstock ID 722010271

Opt for colorful unicorn decorations

Nothing says “Welcome to my unicorn party!” quite like a room that has just exploded into rainbows. Pick up some streamers and balloons of various hues—choose traditional rainbow colors or soften it up with options like aqua, pink, lavender, yellow, peach and light green.

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Give guests tails and horns

Get creative with your party hats and transform partygoers into unicorns. You can fashion a horn out of a conical piece of Styrofoam (that you decorate, of course); then glue the horn to a simple headband. Meanwhile, pompoms, shredded construction paper or raffia are great materials for tails. Don’t have time to craft? Purchase a set instead.

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Kid Learning Painting Drawing Art Concept; Shutterstock ID 527456077

Get guests involved with unicorn games and activities

Especially if you’re hosting young girls, have them make their own horns. Give every child the basic supplies and open up a craft table complete with glitter, paint, confetti, glue and more. Or invite guests to paint their own unicorn and offer prizes for the most creative.

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Mini Unicorn Pinata
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Hang a unicorn piñata

A fun unicorn piñata serves as a colorful decoration, engaging activity and yummy treats to bring home all in one! To get started, gather all your little party guests together and pass out vibrant scarves or unicorn blindfolds to cover their eyes. Have them take turns batting the piñata and watch the fun unfold.

(Here’s how to make a piñata at home!)

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Pin the tail (or horn) on the unicorn

Who doesn’t remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Use this classic party game as inspiration for your own version. You can buy a game online or, if you’re feeling crafty, create your own. A large poster printout of a unicorn, cutouts of a tail or horn, some Velcro and a blindfold are all you need.

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Create a unicorn-themed photo booth

Horned headbands, colorful wigs, crowns, fun cutouts and even stuffed unicorns make great props for a fun photo booth. Use a colorful, unicorn-filled backdrop, and arrange for a friend to help take pictures. (Psst—Here’s where to buy a super cute backdrop!) You can plan to print photos during the party (while guests are playing games or eating cake), or simply email photos following the party.

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Horse dressed as a unicorn with the horn. Ideas for photoshoot. Wedding. Party. Outdoor; Shutterstock ID 684581434
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Invite a unicorn

If you have the space and budget, arrange for pony rides. All it takes is adding a colorful horn to the pony to give your young guests the experience of riding a unicorn—something they’ll talk about long after the party ends. (Plus, it’s a great photo-op-turned-party-favor.)

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fruity drink
Taste of Home

Serve up fun (and healthy) food

The good news is that colorful food tends to be healthy (think fruits and veggies). When you’re planning your spread for your unicorn party, consider a sparkling fruit salad or rainbow veggie salad. Fruit-infused waters and punches make great complements to your food, or try a kid-friendly rainbow spritzer.

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Serve punch in unicorn cups
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Serve punch in unicorn cups

Choose a festive drink, like this pretty pink lemonade for the kids and maybe a few strawberry mimosas for the adults, and serve them in these homemade unicorn cups. They look impressive but take just minutes to assemble. Choose sturdy paper cups in white or pale pink and fun paper straws. Then add your unicorn details and take a sip.

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rainbow smore cookies
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Bust out the sprinkles for dessert

Colorful desserts are fun, period. And for a unicorn party, they’re simply perfect. A Funfetti cake is a delicious option that anyone can do on their own. (This how-to has you covered.) But there’s no shortage of other fun ideas, including rainbow cupcakes, rainbow cake, and rainbow S’moreo cookies.

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Unicorn cake
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Wow guests with a unicorn birthday cake

A party without a cake is just a meeting, according to Julia Child, so give the people what they want with this charming unicorn cake for dessert. Kids and grownups alike will be wowed by the presentation, not to mention the taste. Not ready to take on such an elaborate treat? Keep all the fun without the advanced baking skills by serving unicorn mane cookies instead.

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Send guests home with unicorn party favors

Goodie bags are welcome extras at any party. Pick up some colorful paper bags and decorate away with unicorn stickers, glitter and confetti. (Or purchase them, here!) Stuff the bags with inexpensive toys, unicorn-shaped cookie cutters or colorful homemade candies.

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