11 Recipes for Magical Unicorn Food

Updated: May 02, 2024

Pretty pastel palettes + shimmery sparkles = the unicorn food trend. To fuel your obsession with rainbow-colored recipes, we've rounded up some of the most enchanting eats that are (literally) the stuff of dreams.

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Easy Two Ingredient Unicorn Fudge
Courtesy of Kara's Party Ideas

Fantastical Fudge

Made with just two ingredients (just like our favorite ice cream bread!), this decadent dessert from Kara’s Party Ideas is as easy as it is addictive. And the best part is that you don’t even have to turn on the oven—simply mix the frosting and chocolate together and refrigerate.

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Princess Toast

I made these sparkly treats for my daughter's Brownie troop and they're great for princess parties. Sometimes I use lemon curd in place of the jam. —Marina Castle Kelley, Canyon Country, California
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Unicorn Poop Meringues
Courtesy of MomDot

Pretty Meringues

Light and airy, these mythical meringues from Mom Dot will satisfy any sweet tooth. The trick to getting the perfect shape is to beat the egg whites just enough (but not too much) so that they form stiff peaks. Not sure how to do that? Follow this guide to making meringue.

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Unicorn popcorn
Courtesy of Life Love Liz

Metallic Popcorn Mix

A little salty, a little bit (or okay, a lot) sugary, you’ll get the best of both worlds with this playful popcorn from Life Love Liz. It’s made with coconut oil so you’ll get a serving of those healthy fats that are so good for you while you nosh. Check out this list for more sweet and savory snacks.

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Unicorn Cake

This magical unicorn cake tastes as good as it looks. Baking in smaller pans creates impressive height, and a few simple decorating tricks turn it into a showstopping dessert. —Lauren Knoelke, Des Moines, Iowa
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Unicorn hot cocoa
Courtesy of Favorite Family Recipes

Colorful Cocoa

One sip of this beautiful beverage from Favorite Family Recipes will make you taste the rainbow. Deck out your drink with a dollop of whipped cream, a smattering of sprinkles and, of course, mini marshmallows galore (or make your own by following this simple step-by-step).

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Unicorn horns
Courtesy of A baJillian Recipes

Unicorn Horns

Call the kiddos! Chocolate-covered pretzels have long been a crafty kitchen creation for all ages—and these “horns” from A Bajillian Recipes are no different. Put out iridescent icings along with a variety of toppings (jimmies, nuts, chocolate chips, etc.) and let the little ones go to town.

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Unicorn banana bread
Courtesy of Deliciously Sprinkled

Lustrous Loaf

Unicorns might not exist (sigh) but this banana bread from Deliciously Sprinkled sure does. Simply start with a classic banana bread recipe (here are some of our favorites, from A to Z!), then drizzle vanilla icing over top and toss on a splash of sweet sprinkles.

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Magical Manes

The only thing better than a rich, buttery blondie is that same blondie dipped in melted white chocolate and sprinkles, which is exactly what these mouthwatering “manes” are—and why we can’t help stealing seconds (oops!).
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Unicorn bark
Courtesy of A Magical Mess

Blinged-Out Bark

Two words: edible glitter. That and swirls of pretty pastels is all you need to make this tasty treat from A Magical Mess. Tip: If you can’t find multi-colored candy melts (check the grocery store or your local craft store), simply mix food coloring into plain white ones.

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Rainbow Unicorn Dip
Courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

Dreamy Dip

Somewhere over the rainbow… is this colorful condiment from Chocolate Covered Katie. A blend of yogurt, cream cheese and vanilla extract, it pairs perfectly with golden graham crackers, crunchy cookies or fresh fruit. (And if you eat it with a spoon, we totally aren’t judging either!)

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