15 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Finding healthy snack ideas for kids doesn't have to be tougher than your fifth grader's math homework. We've got you covered with easy and tasty snacks for your kids (and you)!

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Homemade Dehydrated Banana Chips in a Bowl
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Banana Chips

Spending the night before school starts googling things like “healthy breakfast ideas” and “what are healthy snacks for kids at school?” can be exhausting. Keep meal planning simple by upgrading your child’s favorite snacks. If she loves chips, give her that crunch with a pack of potassium with banana chips. Grab this variety pack ($20) for easy snacking on-the-go.

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Dried fruits and berries

Dried Fruit

If you notice that your child never eats the fruit you pack in his lunch, try tossing in some dried fruit. He’ll get similar vitamins and antioxidants as a whole piece of fruit while feeling like he’s getting a treat. Learn how to make your own dried fruit at home.

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Yogurt Berry Parfaits
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Greek Yogurt

If your child usually comes home from school famished, have a bowl of Greek yogurt ready. It’s high in protein to fill her up and loaded with probiotics for a healthy gut. Add some fresh berries and a dash of cinnamon or feel like the parent of the year when you pull out these almond vanilla yogurt parfaits.

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Autumn apple rounds with peanut butter, chocolate chips and nuts, on white serving plate

Nut Butter

If your child is the type who is never hungry until she is starving, stave off those hangry moments with individual packs of nut butter in your bag. Nut butter provides a quick serving of protein and healthy fats to tide her over until dinner time. These maple almond butter packets ($10) taste like pancakes and can be enjoyed on their own or with fresh fruit.

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Herbed Tortilla Chips
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Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips

If your child loves salty snacks, be sure to always have some whole wheat tortilla chips in the pantry. Whole grains are rich in fiber and have more nutrients than chips made from white flour. To sneak in some extra nutrients, serve them with colorful fruit salsa or creamy guacamole.

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Homemade sun-dried organic apple slices, crispy apple chips, on an old rustic wooden table with fresh apple and cinnamon. Copy space top view
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Apple Chips

If your child usually spends school lunchtime chatting instead of eating, apple chips will get his attention. They’re crunchy and satisfying with a hint of sweetness. Apples are high in fiber to keep little tummies happy. Try making your own or grab a pack of individual bags ($20) for easy prep in the morning.

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Nutty berry trail mix
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Trail Mix

The hours after school can be a blur of errands and activities. Keep your kids fueled and feeling great with a steady supply of trail mix in the car. Trail mix is a protein powerhouse snack and filled with healthy fats from nuts and antioxidants from dried fruit.

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Healthy organic applesauce (apple puree, mousse, baby food, sauce) in white bowl on table with green apples


There may be no easier snack than pouches of applesauce. Look for brands that are unsweetened and contain no corn syrup (like this one) and keep a few pouches in your car for snacking emergencies. They feel like a treat and are packed with vitamins and are gentle on sensitive tummies. Here’s how to make applesauce the old-fashioned way.

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Salt popcorn on the wooden table
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Popcorn is an easy snack to toss in your child’s lunch or to prepare after school. It’s a high fiber snack for kids to keep them full all afternoon and can even prevent constipation. Try popping your own on the stove and seasoning it with salt, grated parmesan or a hint of chili powder.

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Fruity peanut butter smoothies
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Looking to upgrade your child’s breakfast? If she usually reaches for sugary cereal or nothing at all, make and freeze some so healthy smoothies for an easy breakfast or snack on busy mornings. Load them up with vitamins from fruit and fresh spinach, as well as protein and healthy fats from your favorite nut butter.

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Hard Pretzels or Salted pretzels snack for party in white basket.

Whole Grain Pretzels

Step up your child’s favorite snack with healthier pretzels. Look for whole-grain ones to keep the fiber and nutrients while keeping the salty crunch she loves. Serve them with fresh fruit, low-fat cheese or creamy hummus for a hearty snack. We love these whole grain sprouted pretzels ($4) for easy lunches.

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how to cook kale, kale chips
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Kale Chips

This year you can be the cool parent when you welcome your kids home from school with homemade crispy kale chips. Kale is a superfood loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system – something we’re all after now that back-to-school germs are in full swing.

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Dry korean organic seaweed isolated on blue background.
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Roasted Seaweed

Seaweed may not sound like a kid favorite, but once they can get past the green color, they’ll be surprised by the salty taste and crispy crunch. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to support a healthy thyroid and heart. These individual snack bags ($12) are perfect for school lunches.

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Cinnamon granola bars
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Granola Bars

Take a look at the aisle of kids granola bars at your local supermarket and you’ll find loads of sugar and artificial ingredients disguised as healthy snacks. Ditch the double-chocolate flavors and look for bars made from real, whole ingredients like fiber-full oats. Or set aside some meal prep time this weekend and make your own granola bars for a fun after-school snack.

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Homemade Salty Black Bean Tortilla Chips in a Bowl
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Bean Chips

If your child has been whining that he’s the only one at his lunch table who doesn’t get chips in his lunch, meet your new best friend. Bean chips come in a variety of flavors and taste like the real thing. They’re rich in fiber and protein; we love these ones with a hint of lime ($4).

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