What to Make With Every Type of Cheese

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Here at Taste of Home, there's nothing we love more than a melty, gooey, cheesy recipe. That's why we found the best ways to cook with nearly every type of cheese. From gouda to goat and Parmesan to provolone, these are our favorite dishes.

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One of the most popular cheeses for casseroles, pizzas and dips (try this Cheesy Skillet Pizza Dip), mozzarella has a mild, salty flavor. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Italian dishes. And at the grocery store, mozzarella is found in many forms—including block, shredded and fresh. Here’s our guide to cheese knives to get a perfect slice.

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If your favorite dish has a creamy texture and mild, tart flavor, goat cheese may be at work. This soft cheese is made from—you guessed it—goat’s milk and brings a light taste to salads, vegetables, pasta and more.

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Cheddar is probably the most common cheese in an American kitchen. It has a distinct flavor that ranges in sharpness—all the way from mild to extra-sharp. Use cheddar in macaroni and cheese, soups, dips, appetizers and casseroles, or enjoy on its own with a sleeve of crackers.

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Whether you enjoy it grated, shredded, sliced or shaved, Parmesan is a notable addition to your dish. Popular in Italian cooking, this sharp, hard cheese tastes just as good melted into a plate of pasta as it does freshly shaved over a salad.

Prepare your tastebuds for our favorite Parmesan recipes.

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Brie is one of those foods that people either love or hate. We love it, especially baked, melted between strands of pasta or incorporated into soup. Brie’s soft, ooey-gooey consistency is paired with a rich, pungent flavor.

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Light and tangy, provolone is another great addition to Italian dishes. You’ll find slices baked over chicken, cubes incorporated in a salad or shreds melted into a gooey pasta dish.

Put provolone on your shopping list and check out these recipes.

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Popular in Mediterranean cooking, feta is a sour cheese typically sold in a block or crumbles. We love feta sprinkled atop salads, gyros, flatbreads and more.

Find more fun ways to use feta.

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Known for its iconic holes, Swiss cheese is a mild cheese that tastes just as good melted in a casserole as it does cold on a sandwich. Try Swiss with ham, corned beef or pastrami.

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Need to make your recipe a little creamier? Reach for ricotta. This super-soft cheese is a staple in dishes both sweet and savory.

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American cheese is similar to cheddar, but it melts a lot faster and is typically sold in pre-portioned slices. We love American atop a cheeseburger, on grilled cheese and even in soups.

At last! Recipes that call for American cheese.

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Havarti has a bold flavor, so it’s the perfect cheese for dressing up nondescript sandwiches or sides.

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Fold-Over Tortilla Bake
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Monterey Jack

For a mild, tangy cheese look no further than Monterey Jack. This block of cheese works well in Mexican dishes, but can be used in everything from soups to salads.

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Colby is cheddar’s milder cousin. The bright orange cheese comes in a variety of shapes, including the traditional longhorn. And, it can be used synonymously with cheddar in casseroles, nachos, frittatas and more.

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Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is likely the most versatile cheese on this list. It’s a cheap and easy way to add creamy texture to recipes both sweet and savory. Plus, it tastes amazing spread on a freshly baked bagel.

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A member of the Swiss family, Gruyere cheese has a powerful, nutty flavor. A small amount goes a long way in boosting stratas, soups, mac and cheese, quiche and more.

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This sweet cheese is known for its texture. Mascarpone is the crowning jewel of cannoli, tiramisu, cheesecake and more. The cheese’s light, delicate flavor pairs perfectly with an assortment of sweet treats.

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Apple-Gouda Pigs in a Blanket
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Gouda may look unassuming, but this lightly colored cheese packs a powerful punch. It’s the perfect pair for apples, pumpkin and other harvest ingredients, but tastes delicious year-round.

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Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is one of the most identifiable cheeses on the market thanks to its blue hue, pungent scent and powerful flavor. It’s a common ingredient in buffalo chicken dishes, on salads or in pastas.

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With a distinct taste and colorful rind, muenster is the perfect cheese for adding a pop of flavor to your dishes. We love it in quiche, bread, soups and on sandwiches.

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Okay, we know that Velveeta isn’t technically cheese, but it still adds a cheesy richness and flavor to soups, pastas and dips.

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