3 Ways to Make Edible Snow Globes

Magical. That’s the best way to describe these whimsical, edible snow globes.

Snow globes are beautiful decorations that emerge at Christmastime every year. They range from simply minimal to absolutely stunning. And now, that list includes edible, too! These cookies, cake and snow globe in a jar will add a certain charm and sparkle to your holidays. It’s time to make edible snow globes a yearly family tradition.

Snow Globe Cookies

The first way to make a snow globe is in the form of a cookie. The best part? They’re 100% edible! You start by cutting out dough in the shape of a snow globe and baking like normal. Then, it’s time for the wow-factor. We used isomalt nibs to create the snow globe “glass” itself. You probably won’t have this lying around in your pantry, but it can easily be found on Amazon. (Purchase Cakeplay Isomalt Nibs here.) Once that has hardened, place sprinkles inside and close it up with a second cookie (two cookies in one?! Alright!). Finally, pull out your best decorating skills and ice it up.

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Snow Globe Cake

Snow globe cake

If you enjoy food crafts, then you’ll love putting together this Christmasy cake. This one reminds me of the musical snow globe I had as a child. It looks so real! The base is an 8-inch layer cake (filled with raspberry jam, no less!) covered in coconut flakes. While the cake isn’t completely edible—the bowl is glass and the snowman is porcelain—most of it is. The Christmas tree is made of ice cream cones and frosting, and if you’re feeling ambitious, you can even craft an edible snowman. Just think of the oohs and aahs you’ll get when you display this cake on your holiday table.

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Snow Globe in a Jar

Our final type of edible snow globe is one that comes in a jar. This adorable display begins with gingerbread cookies. We chose trees, reindeer and gingerbread men. Once those are baked, cooled and decorated, it’s time to arrange the scene. Grab a big glass jar and fill the bottom with coarse sugar—that’s your snow! Next, place the gingerbread cookies inside the jar, making sure they stand tall and don’t fall over. Tie a bow on the jar and boom, you’re done!

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