Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention to the Date on That Walmart Price Tag

A little time and patience could save you a lot of money!

No matter what day, month or season it is—we all love a good clearance find. It’s almost like a mini treasure hunt. Especially when we’ve been keeping an eye on a particular product for awhile and it finally goes on sale! Best. Feeling. Ever.

But one question remains…is there a way to tell if an item will continue to go down in price?

When it comes to shopping at Walmart, there are a couple things you should know.

What Is the Date on a Walmart Price Tag?

The date on a Walmart price tag indicates the last time a specific item was marked down. Usually, items will stay at a marked down price for a set period of time, usually a month or so, and then will be marked down every month until the item either sells or hits its markdown limit. If a clearance item is due for another markdown, it may pay to make a second trip to the store to score deeper savings!

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Does Walmart Have Secret Price Codes?

It depends on who you ask. If you’re an avid Walmart shopper, you’re used to seeing certain numbers at the end of a price. It’s rumored that if a price ends in “7,” that usually means the item is selling for the full Walmart price. If a price ends in “5,” that may mean the item has already been discounted at least once and could continue to drop. Keep an eye on it!

If you see a price with “0” or “1” at the end, that could be a jackpot. This Walmart price tag usually means the item has hit its markdown limit and will probably not drop any further. In this case, you should buy, buy, buy!

Note that price codes may vary from Walmart to Walmart, so we recommend chatting with the associates at your store to get the full story.

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