If You See This on a Sam’s Club Price Tag, Stock Up Now

Updated: Sep. 22, 2023

Those little letters in the corner of Sam’s Club tags aren’t random—or meaningless. Here’s what they mean—and why you’ll want to know.

It’s frustrating when an item you love is discontinued at a store you frequent. Like these things Aldi won’t sell anymore and things Costco won’t sell anymore, products come and go, sometimes leaving disgruntled shoppers. But when it comes to Sam’s Club, there’s a simple marker that you can use to identify a product that’s not long for the retail world. All you have to do is look at the price tag on the shelf below it.

What does a “C” mean on a Sam’s Club price tag?

At Sam’s Club, the letter “C” on a product’s tag stands for canceled, according to Joshua Francia, a Research Analyst at TireHungry who consulted a friend and former Sam’s Club employee to confirm this intel. This means that the item will not be re-stocked and the store will clear the space after they run out of the existing stocks.

You might see this letter in the upper right corner of the tag, or in the bottom left. It follows the item number on the tag. So, if it’s something you like that bears a “C” on its tag, that’s your “cue” to stock up. Find out the secret code you’ll find on discontinued Costco items, too.

What are other Sam’s Club tag codes?

“C” isn’t the only letter you’ll see on a Sam’s Club price tag. If there’s a tag for items that are being discontinued, you can bet there are tags for items that aren’t going anywhere. If a tag has an “A” on it, it means the item is “active.” According to Francia, this means “there is a lot of stock and the price can drop in the future.”

And if there’s a letter “N,” it means “never out,” which is exactly what it sounds like. “The product will not go on sale, as they are always in stock.” You can think of these as the Sam’s Club mainstays.

So if you see either of those codes, you don’t need to rush to buy that item—and if it’s got the “A,” be on the lookout for the price to drop! Next, learn the Target prices codes you’ll want to start using.


  • Joshua Francia, automotive enthusiast and Research Analyst at TireHungry

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