10 Best-Value Things to Buy at Sam’s Club

Looking for the best Sam's Club deals? You'll need more than a membership card to save. Stock up on insider knowledge about the best things to buy at Sam's Club!

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Slicing Chicken on cutting board

Rotisserie chickens

The 3-pound rotisserie chicken sell for roughly $4.99 at most Sam’s Club locations. The non-Club chickens range from $6.99 to $8.99, so it’s a good deal. The birds are perfectly seasoned and make it easy to start a family dinner.

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Close of up crab rangoon with peanut sauce
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Frozen party food

When I’m hosting a whole crowd, I like to have a few make-ahead side dishes and slow cooker sandwich meat plus some frozen appetizers and desserts. (You won’t have to pay a bundle for the extra convenience, either.)

Pro Tip: The Member’s Mark loaded potato skins and crab rangoon are pretty good!

Sam’s Club hot dogs might not be a bad choice to serve at a party—plus, they’re only $1.38.

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Bottles of wine in cellar
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What’s a party without a well-stocked bar? Those in-the-know say you can expect to save up to 30% on wine and spirits. Plus, you don’t need a membership card to buy liquor at Sam’s Club. Don’t miss all the ways to shop at Sam’s without a membership.

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Two Granola Bars with Chocolate on wooden background


You can never have too many snacks in the house, and super-size packages of granola bars or snack crackers can be lifesavers.

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Cooked bacon rashers on parchment
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Do I really need to sell you on buying bacon? A 4-pound package of heaven can be had for under $20 and a 10-pound package for under $40. Use a pound or so for our best bacon recipes and remember—bacon can easily be frozen.

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Oatmeal raisin cookies
Taste of Home

Baking supplies

It’s always cookie season at our house! Stocking up on economy-sized packages of flour, sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla extract and so on is a great way to keep the pantry ready. We’re all set to bake the best cookies of all time without a trip to the store.

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Close up of chicken eggs in package.
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Dairy case staples

You won’t get far when baking without eggs and butter. These staples—plus a wide variety of cheeses—are nearly always at better prices than standard supermarkets. But they’re more perishable that dry goods, so buy in bulk wisely.

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Spice rack
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If you use a lot of seasonings (and the “if” is especially important here), you can get reasonable-sized containers of spices at good prices. Keep in mind that spices lose their flavor in two to three years (herbs sooner), so don’t buy what you won’t use quickly.

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Mix frozen berries background.

Frozen fruit

If you’re a smoothie lover, you’ll always have blender-ready fruit on hand when you buy it frozen and in bulk. You can get a four-pound bag of frozen berry blend for $7.98. That will help you make all sorts of fruity shakes and smoothies.

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inside of the Walgreens store.

Gift cards

You can’t cook EVERY day, right? Give yourself a night off with gift cards that can be up to 20% off. It’s like free money!

The gift cards are only one steal at Sam’s—here are other secrets the employees want you to know about.

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