This Is Why Goodwill Price Tags Come in Different Colors

You could be saving even more at Goodwill.

There are a ton of reasons why we might find ourselves at a thrift store like Goodwill. Sometimes we’re looking for a set of vintage Pyrex, a piece of furniture to restore or even holiday decor. Every time you walk into a Goodwill, there are valuable items galore at bargain prices.

We don’t want to keep Goodwill secrets from you, which is why we’re here to talk about the multicolored Goodwill price tags. You could be saving a lot of money—it depends on what day of the week it is!

Different Weeks Mean Different Colors

Entering a Goodwill for the first time in a while can be totally overwhelming. Where do you even start? With all the clothes, retro cookware and one-of-a-kind thrift store finds, it can be difficult to focus on just one thing. But if there is just one thing you should be paying attention to, it’s the color of Goodwill’s price tags.

Goodwill color codes its price tags for 50% discounts. The “Weekly Discount” color switches every seven days, so it’s important that you pay attention while shopping. Blue, yellow, purple, green, red and orange are all common colors you may find on different items throughout the store.

What’s the Schedule?

The important thing to note is that every Goodwill store has its own unique schedule. Just because the store in Ohio follows one schedule doesn’t mean a store in Texas will be the same. For example, the DC Goodwill store currently has blue tags discounted right now. Next week, it changes to yellow.

Always make sure to check your local Goodwill for its discount schedule. If you need assistance finding your local store, you can always visit the Find a Store link on their website. Happy shopping!

Melany Love
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