Walmart Just Announced a Brand-New Store Layout—and It’s Not What You’d Expect

The Walmart redesign was apparently inspired by... an airport.

There’s almost nothing we can’t get at Walmart. From gigantic tubs of Oreo mousse to gooey Cinnabon treats, this store has it all. For those of us who are serious shoppers, the chain even started offering a Walmart membership program.

But soon, Walmart could throw even its most devout of followers for a loop. It’s redesigning stores, and we’re pretty surprised by what this retailer will look like when the construction dust settles. Here’s what to expect at the “new” Walmart.

What Does the New Store Design Look Like?

Walmart’s going to start looking a lot like the airport, and we’re not totally sure how to feel about that. In an attempt to get more people on its app, Walmart is redesigning its stores to coordinate with the app. This includes features like having the Walmart app guide you to where certain items are and signage that points you in the right direction.

When you enter the store, you’ll find large signs with arrows that tell you where you’ll find the major sections. (We’re guessing those huge signs that hang above the departments will be coming down.) There’ll also be expanded touchless payment options, bold signage above the major market sections and a designated outdoor area for online order pickups.

When Will My Walmart Be Redesigned?

Walmart says its rolling changes out over the next year; it hopes to have 200 stores redesigned by the end of 2020, and1,000 stores done by the end of 2021. There’s no way to know for sure whether your local Walmart is included in either group, but if you live in a large area and your Walmart is usually pretty busy, it’s a safe bet you’ll get the redesign at some point.

And while we’re not sure we want to feel like we’re going on a trip when we’re shopping for groceries, we’re all for the touchless payment options and quicker, more convenient shopping experience. In this COVID-impacted world, we could all use a little more of that.

Emily Hannemann
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