This Penguin Egg Holder Is the Cutest Way to Cook, Serve and Store Eggs

What's black, white and batch-cooks eggs? This penguin egg holder is your adorable new best friend when it's time to cook eggs—and it safely stores them until you're ready to eat.

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We love spending time in the kitchen. And we love it even more when our kitchen gadgets are as cute as they are functional. This penguin egg holder is a viral Amazon product and a charming cooking tool that makes boiling eggs easy.

What is a penguin egg holder?

The appropriately named Egguins (we love a good food pun) features a full family of six penguins. They’re made out of a hard, black plastic, and each penguin holds one egg. With minimal effort on your part, the penguins take your eggs from raw to perfectly cooked. Then, they’re ready for you to peel for a quick snack, make deviled eggs or toss into an egg salad.

Penguin Egg Holder Specs:

  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • Heat-resistant handle, so it’s easy to remove the penguins from boiling water
  • 5.78 x 4.9 x 4.76 inches, so it can easily fit in your fridge (Keep your kitchen fresher with this friendly fridge odor absorber and its matching microwave cleaner.)
  • Designed to hold large eggs

How to Use a Penguin Egg Holder

This penguin egg holder is more than just a trending kitchen gadget. It’s also super functional, just like the Gracula garlic crusher. These penguins are multitaskers. Simply lift up a wing to slip in an egg, and the penguins have your back. With the Egguins, gone are the days of trying not to crack eggs when putting them into the pot.

Easily lower your penguin colony into the pot. Once the eggs are cooked to your liking, lift all of them out of the water with the handle, which is designed to stay cool. Without worrying about removing them, you can pop your eggs into a bowl of cool water while still in the holder.

To get your eggs, all you have to do is remove them by lifting up the penguins’ wings. Not ready to eat? You can serve your eggs in the holder—it’s an adorable centerpiece on the table before the meal. Or, you can pop the penguins in the fridge for ready-to-eat, easy-to-access eggs.

That means minimal effort and minimal clean-up—our favorite kind of kitchen prep! (Although, if you do need help tidying up, check out the Scrub Daddy Christmas sponges and our other favorite kitchen cleaning products).

The Best Amazon User Reviews

We’re not the only ones who can’t get enough. Egguins has over 3,000 Amazon user reviews and a 4.6-star rating.

“Super cute. Holds eggs securely preventing bouncing & cracking,” PamFabulous writes. “No juggling, no splashing hot water!”

Rita C loves how convenient it is for the whole family to enjoy boiled eggs. “Not only does this cute little holder make the perfect hard-boiled egg, those eggs can be stored in the same holder and not forgotten. My husband and grandkids love hard-boiled eggs and now there is no question about if any are prepared and where they are.”

“A whimsical solution to boiling eggs while minimalizing risk of cracking,” Camp Dallas reviews. “Also, a cute way to store boiled eggs in the refrigerator.”

Where to Buy a Penguin Egg Holder

Penguin Egg Holder via merchant

Time to up your egg game! Penguin egg holders are available on Amazon for around $22. Oh, and if you need help peeling your eggs? We’ve got a gadget for that, too.

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