The Girl Scouts Just Revealed a Brand-New Cookie for 2022

Updated: Dec. 14, 2023

Can we preorder Girl Scout Cookies? (Asking for a friend.)

Don’t you wish Girl Scout Cookie season was all year round? We sure do! From finding out which Girl Scout Cookie is most loved in each state, to hunting down Girl Scout Cookie cupcakes, we just can’t get enough of the iconic treats.

Of course, while Thin Mints are everybody’s favorite, we love to see a new Girl Scout Cookie in the lineup. And the Girl Scouts are happy to provide, with a delicious new flavor that dropped in January 2022.

The New Girl Scout Cookie for 2022 Will Be… Adventurefuls!

According to the Girl Scouts, this flavor offers an adventure for your taste buds, similar to the adventures the troops go on all year long. With a brownie-inspired soft chocolate cookie, dreamy caramel center, drizzles of chocolate sauce and just a hint of sea salt, we definitely agree that these cookies sound pretty adventurous.

This is the latest addition to the Girl Scouts lineup after last year’s Toast-Yay, a French toast-inspired cookie covered in delicious icing, and 2020’s Lemon-Up, a citrusy shortbread cookie. Considering how much people loved those flavors, we’re sure troops will sell out of Adventurefuls pretty quickly!

For old times’ sake, take a look through discontinued Girl Scout Cookies from years past.

When Is Girl Scout Cookie Season?

Adventurefuls were released in January 2022 and can be bought from your local Girl Scout troop anytime between January and April, aka Girl Scout Cookie season. You can also buy Girl Scout Cookies online again this year. If your local troop can’t come to your door, you can still support them!

If you really want to go all out, pair your favorite cookie with a Girl Scout Cookie-flavored coffee for a truly sweet experience. And don’t forget to help your favorite Girl Scout earn 2022’s special Betty White patch!

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