This Map Shows Your State’s Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

Even with all the brand-new Girl Scout Cookies, it seems you can't go wrong with the classics!

It’s that time of year again. You know…that time of year. When all our wishes come true, all while helping our friends and community and enjoying some of the greatest treats known to man? Of course, I’m talking about Girl Scout Cookie season.

Even when I was a small fundraising Brownie myself, I knew these cookies were in a league all their own. Now you can even order them online!

They’re such a hit that they’ve become synonymous with the Girl Scouts organization, and for good reason. Dunkin’ even releases Girl Scout Cookie-themed coffees each year! Now, Google has scouted out each state’s fave cookie.

What Girl Scout Cookie Is Everybody Searching For?

We’ve reported about the country’s favorite foods many times before. Usually, there’s a good handful of options that seem to spread themselves across the board with one just ahead of all the rest. We can’t say the same for Girl Scout Cookies.

According to this map done by Google Trends, the entire country, aside from a handful of outliers, agrees on ONE absolute fave: Thin Mints.

Throughout the Girl Scouts’ long history selling cookies (100+ years), the Thin Mint has continuously reigned supreme. We sure love a crunchy, delicious mint-and-chocolate combo. Especially when you pop them in the freezer. My dad and I used to go through multiple boxes in just a few days. No regrets!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for this year’s new cookie—the French Toast-inspired Toast-Yay.

What Does Your State Say?

Even with all the available flavors, only THREE cookies entered the fray. Idaho, North Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama chose Samoas as their fave, while West Virginia and Hawaii picked Tagalongs. As for the rest of the country, Thin Mints totally came out on top. Living in Illinois myself, I can guarantee that’s the correct answer. I know many people who would buy a dozen boxes at a time and save them for the rest of the year. They’re incredible—how could you not?

Our Best Girl Scout Cookie Recipes
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