Morton Salt’s “Secret” Feature Just Might Blow Your Mind

Updated: Apr. 06, 2023

You've been doing it wrong all along! Morton Salt's "secret" hack is one that's hidden right under your nose.

Ah, salt. It’s a mineral pro and cooks everywhere use it to enhance the flavor of food. You’ll find salt in every kitchen pantry across America, but did you know one of the leading table salt brands has a hidden feature?

Neither did the people who blew up a TikTok video with this hack. So before you reach for the white stuff the next time you cook, stop to learn about this little-known trick. Morton’s Salt’s “secret” feature isn’t actually a secret, but it’s a detail you may have overlooked, despite how often you reach for the package with the iconic rainy-day logo.

What’s Morton Salt’s “Secret” Feature?

You’ve probably had Morton’s salt in your kitchen since you were a kid, but did you ever really look at the package? More specifically, the hack has to do with the metal spout you pour salt out of.

You’re wondering, what sparked this revelation? Well, TikTok creator @trip82city recently baffled scrollers with a video of Morton Salt’s “secret” feature. Take a look at the video below:

@trip82city♬ original sound – [email protected]

The video, which has garnered over one million likes and 13 million views, shows someone holding a 26-ounce canister of Morton’s Salt with the top sticker completely removed. When lifted completely off, there are two holes in the spout, roughly the size of salt shaker holes. Baffling viewers, the person in the video closes the spout, turns the canister of Morton’s upside down and proceeds to shake salt out of the container.

Voilà, a hidden salt shaker is built into your Morton’s, and you never knew it. The stream of salt looks as gentle as the amount you’d get from a table salt shaker, so you can stop pouring large amounts of salt into your palm unless necessary.