You’ve Never Noticed This Hidden Secret in Your Saucepan

The best part of your pan is hiding in plain sight.

It’s safe to say that the worst part about cooking is the cleanup. The piles of dishes after making and eating a big meal is always the least-exciting piece of the process. But what if there were a way to limit even a small part of kitchen cleanup post-cooking?

Spoon handle hackTaste of Home

Apparently, the hole at the end of your saucepan handle is good for more than just hanging up your pan. And it’s not the only kitchen utensil that has a hidden secret. It moonlights as a convenient place to put your spoon. Just place the end of the handle in the hole. If you can, position the spoon so it hovers over the pan.

Alicia Rooker, a recipe editor and tester for Taste of Home, says that you should tap off as much sauce or food off the spoon before placing it in the panhandle. That way, you also prevent food from leaking down the spoon. And make sure to use a wooden or heat-resistant spoon, too, so yours doesn’t melt from the heat. Don’t forget to be safe and keep your panhandle toward the outside of the burners, so it’s towards the counter, Rooker adds.

Save time in the kitchen with this trick and these 25 other brilliant kitchen shortcuts you’ll wish you knew sooner. Spend the time you save chowing down on your favorite meals.

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