This Website Will Make You a Cocktail Based on What’s in Your Kitchen

You can even add Nutella!

Here’s one thing that has joined us all together in this time of quarantine: eating whatever’s in the fridge, freezer or pantry. We really can’t be running around from grocery store to grocery store right now, and many of us have gotten our trips down to once a week, with curbside pickup.

Of course, one of the inconvenient things about weekly trips is that they aren’t craving-friendly. If we want something we don’t have—like a cocktail—there really isn’t much of a way to get it (aside from getting in the car and driving to the store, which we’re trying to avoid). Thankfully, one website has us covered with ways to make a refreshing adult beverage with whatever we have sitting in our kitchens.

Wait, Really?

Yes, really. The aptly named Make Me a Cocktail site gives you instructions on how to do exactly that. It’s totally user-friendly, too. Using a three-step process, it turns ingredients you have sitting around into a cocktail. There are the basic categories like spirits, liqueurs, wines and champagnes, beers and ciders and mixers, but under “others,” you can add a hodgepodge of whatever’s in your pantry. (This category even includes Nutella! Spiked Nutella hot chocolate is pretty amazing, so we bet other cocktails would be just as good.)

If you’re not feeling super adventurous, you can start out by browsing a list of popular ingredients to get started.

Once you’ve entered your inventory, you can click to have the website tell you what you can make. It’s super convenient, super easy, and best of all? It doesn’t require leaving the house. If you register for a membership, you can save your ingredients in your “bar” and keep track of recipes you’ve liked that you found on the site, so they’re always there.

What Else Can I Make During Quarantine?

If it isn’t happy hour and you’re looking for different ways to spend your quarantine time in the kitchen, we suggest trying your hand at making sourdough bread—or any of the recently released Disney recipes, like three-cheese grilled cheese sandwiches, Dole Whip or chili. You can also try whipped coffee, a sweet treat that’s a cinch to make.

So there’s really no need to be bored in quarantine; whether you’re making cocktails or coffee, there are plenty of exciting treats and drinks to be whipped up in the kitchen.

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Emily Hannemann
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