These Magnetic Refrigerator Shelves Maximize the Empty Space on the Side of Your Fridge

Updated: Apr. 24, 2023

Keep your countertops tidy and your spices within reach with magnetic refrigerator shelves.

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Real talk: It’s easy for your kitchen to become cluttered. Between spices, cooking oils, utensils and aesthetic-enhancing houseplants, it’s only a matter of time before you need to get creative with storage solutions. So why not add more shelving to your fridge—but this time on the outside—with magnetic refrigerator shelves?

What are magnetic refrigerator shelves?

While there are many refrigerator shelf organizers that tackle clutter inside the icebox, these magnetic refrigerator shelves give you more storage space on the outside. The sturdy (but oh-so-stylish) shelves come in a set of two, three and four. They were designed to hold spices, olive oil, tea or whatever else you use on the regular on the front or side of your fridge.

Each shelf can hold up to 11 pounds, thanks to the super-strong magnets on the back. The magnets also make it easy to mount in a literal second. And because the steel shelves come in matte black and white, they’ll go with nearly any kitchen style and decor.

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Why I Love It

If you’ve got a smaller-than-average kitchen, these magnetic refrigerator shelves are a home cook’s lifesaver. By stocking them with spices and baking ingredients, you’ll free up your precious counter space or cabinet space while still having the seasonings you need easily within reach. It’s also a time-saver—helping you find the basics, like salt, pepper and garlic powder—in a cinch so you don’t have to waste time digging through your spice cabinet.

Upkeep is easy, too, so you don’t need to add yet another task to your kitchen cleaning checklist. Just wipe them down with a dry cloth to get rid of any dust or spilled flour when they get a little grimy.

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

Those who’ve purchased the magnetic refrigerator shelves eulogize about how easy they make grabbing your ingredients as you cook.

Teresa Cook, a five-star reviewer, writes, “I love this. I am now more organized in the kitchen than I ever was. Cooking is now a fun creative process. The magnetic shelves really hold tight and store so much! In fact, I ordered another set of four!”

Another verified purchaser, Kelli, loves the magnetic refrigerator shelves because of their space-saving capabilities. “I love, love, love these. I don’t have a lot of counter space, but my fridge had its whole side available. These are super strong and hold an amazing amount of weight. I even bought a second set.”

Where to Buy Magnetic Refrigerator Shelves

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The magnetic refrigerator shelves are available on Amazon in a pack of two ($30), three ($33) and four ($47). We’re feeling more organized already.

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