This $40 Dress-Up Lawn Goose Brings Us So. Much. Joy.

It's the '90s comeback we never saw coming.

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TikTok trends are very hit or miss. (Anyone else remember healthy Coke?) But lately, we’ve been seeing a grandma-inspired fad that we can 100 percent get behind. Say hello to the lawn goose, aka your must-have porch accessory for spring—and beyond.

What is a lawn goose?

A lawn goose is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a plastic, goose-shaped yard decoration that perches in your garden or on your porch. He looks very cute as-is, but the best part is the variety of outfits you can buy around different seasons and themes.

With spring right around the corner, dress up your fowl friend as a butterfly or Easter egg. In summer, bust out the watermelon slice and Uncle Sam outfit. And in the fall? Your goose can dress incognito as a pumpkin, witch or candy corn. Last, but certainly not least, the Christmas season provides plenty of festive outfit opportunities. Your goose can welcome winter as a snowman or Christmas tree. Don we now our gay apparel, indeed!

Rest assured that this is just a small sample of the outfits you can buy. There are also plenty of evergreen options (hello, pizza goose!) for switching it up in between holidays. Check out the full “Gaggleville” collection on Amazon or at Miles Kimball.

Why are lawn geese trending?

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself: Where have I seen this before? The answer is likely at grandma’s house. Lawn geese are nothing new. They’ve been around since the 1980s, and really hit their stride in the ’90s. And, just like butterfly clips and mom jeans, they’re regaining popularity on social media.

Don’t believe us? Check out the enthusiasm of TikTok user @moriahlovespurses as she switches her geese (yes, she has a whole flock) outfits over for Valentine’s Day.

@moriahlovespurses Who run the world? GEESE!!! 🦢💕🍕🦩 #gaggleville #goosegirl #porchgoose #gooseoutfit #geese #gaggle #pizzagoose #mileskimball #valentinegoose #flamingogoose #valentinesday ♬ Good Vibes (Instrumental) – Ellen Once Again

For more small doses of dopamine, pick up a crab-shaped spoon rest, a set of mini jam jars and the cutest penguin egg holder for more TikTok gifts that will do the trick!

The Best User Reviews

We’re not the only ones smitten with the lawn goose trend. Over 1,000 ratings and an average of 4.8 out of five stars make this Amazon product a customer favorite.

“This goose cheers me up, with very little effort on my part,” says five-star reviewer, Joan Harland. “I move it around to different rooms and different corners; when its beady eye catches mine unexpectedly, I can’t help but smile. And it requires no food, water, cleaning or walking. A most satisfactory pet.”

Verified purchaser, Lynn B., explains how a lawn goose makes a wonderful gift. “My friend had a goose and so many clothes for it. Her goose needed a partner. She loved it!”

“My mother used to have a concrete goose and after she passed the goose disappeared,” says Amazon customer, NickiB. “I saw this goose on a crochet site and had to have it. She arrived just as pictured and extremely fast!”

Where to Buy a Lawn Goose

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Pick up a lawn goose on Amazon or at Miles Kimball. We suggest ordering one ASAP as the goose (and his most popular outfits) frequently go out of stock. It’s a small investment that will bring you joy all year long.

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