The Cat Christmas Tree Pet Owners Will Love

This year, don't let your cat destroy the Christmas tree. Outsmart your pets with a cat-friendly Christmas tree instead.

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Combining cats and Christmas trees is a surefire way to land your pet at the top of Santa’s naughty list. But keeping your curious cat away from twinkling lights and dangling ornaments feels like a full-time job during an already busy holiday season. The second your back is turned to wrap gifts, the cat has toppled your tree or broken a glass bulb. Ouch!

Amazon to the rescue! This year, keep your cat out of trouble (and danger) with a Christmas tree that has high branches little paws can’t reach. Amazon sells cat-friendly Christmas trees with taller trunks and zero lower branches, which is perfect for preventing curious cats from holiday destruction. If you’re looking for something smaller to keep out of your cat’s reach entirely, check out these succulent Christmas trees, too!

How do I keep my cat out of the Christmas tree?

Home Heritage True Bark 4 Foot Slim Artificial Christmas Tree with White Lightsvia

Sure, you could simply stop decorating a traditional Christmas tree a few feet from the bottom—keeping the lower branches free of any enticing lights, silver bells and tinsel that draws your cat’s eye. But that kinda looks like you ran out of ornaments, or just got tired of decorating halfway through. And cats still like to poke around bare branches. Instead, make your cat-proof Christmas tree intentional with Amazon’s artificial cat-friendly Christmas tree.

The artificial cat Christmas trees come in a double version with three and five foot sizes. Or you can buy a singular four foot or six foot tree, depending on how high you want it to be (size up if your cat is a jumper). The cat Christmas trees run between $40 and $90.

The trees come trimmed with white LED lights, allowing you to add your own ornaments. Got a cat who climbs? Wrap the base of the tree with tinfoil. Vets say cats don’t like the crinkly noise.

Don’t forget to add a gift for your pet under the tree!

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Get your cat or small dog their own Christmas tree

Maybe if Whiskers had her own Christmas tree, she wouldn’t be as interested in trying to climb yours. These adorable pet beds double as Christmas decor. The cat gets a safe place to sleep, and you get a very cute holiday home accent. Win win!

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