14 Cute Winter Crafts That Will Add Cheer to Your Home

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

The weather outside is still frightful, but these cute winter crafts will make your home delightful. We'll show you how to make wreaths, wall art and much more.

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Stick Reindeer
Country Woman

Stick Reindeer

Create a herd of reindeer with supplies you can find in nature. Tiny pieces of wood, twigs and mini pinecones—plus the help of hot glue—form these little deer. As a bonus, the supplies are fun to gather, especially with little ones. Take a trip to the backyard or a local park to look for the necessary pieces.

Enjoy one of these reindeer-inspired treats as you craft!

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TMB Studio

Citrus Wreath

Winter is the perfect season to celebrate your favorite citrus fruits, and this elegant wreath makes it easy! Use whatever fruits you can find—such as oranges, lemons, clementines and kumquats—and bunches of assorted greens. The end result is a real stunner.

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Taste of Home

Edible Cards

It’s common to display a stack of holiday cards, but rarely are these warm wishes edible. Make your own sweet greetings with our recipe for gingerbread cards. A food-safe pen makes them easy to decorate, and they’d look darling threaded onto a garland.

Get the recipe and a full how-to here. 

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cute hand made recycled christmas ornaments on a wooden table
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Bottle Cap Snowmen

Once the adults imbibe in a few beers, the kiddos can help turn bottle caps into adorable snowmen. Secure three bottle caps together with hot glue, then decorate each tier with craft paper, paint, stickers, buttons, glitter and any other supplies you have on hand. Attach a loop of colorful ribbon and hang your snowmen in a spot that could use a little winter cheer.

Too chilly to drink a cold one? Use the beer in one of these yummy recipes instead.

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Christmas card crafts
Taste of Home

Card Coasters

Turn holiday greeting cards into a practical item that will last all season long. To make the card coasters, simply decoupage a wintery cutout onto the tops of plain tiles. Then, hot glue a thin layer of cork to the back of each coaster. This smart craft also makes a great gift!

Use your Christmas cards to make more cute crafts.

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teacup display
Country Woman

Tea Cup Gardens

Add a little winter magic to your home with these tiny teacup displays. Similar to a fairy garden, these cute cups depict a sweet scene, thanks to miniature houses, real (or faux!) foliage, tiny trees and little figurines. To make, fill an old teacup with pebbles, top with moss or fake snow, then add tiny treasures.

Editor’s Tip: Craft stores (such as Michael’s) oftentimes have entire sections of fairy garden accessories. You can also find kits online.

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Christmas wreath of rosemary on a beautiful brown background, with berries, cones, currants, twigs and leaves around.
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Rosemary Wreath

Need a decoration that looks AND smells amazing? Reach for a rosemary wreath. This craft can be made by attaching rosemary sprigs and pine boughs to a wreath form, then securing with twine. Intermittent berries and pinecones complete the effortless look.

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Pinecone Trees
Country Woman

Pinecone Trees

When sprayed with silver and green paint and adorned with small metal stars, pinecones make a flock of tiny trees! Place each pinecone in a mason jar, votive holder or other small vase, then arrange on a mantel or shelf to create a tiny forest.

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spool wall art
Country Woman

Spool Art

Celebrate the season of love by turning old spools of thread into a pretty piece of wall art. You can create any shape you’d like, but we suggest a simple heart. To make, paint a shaped plywood board and let dry. Then, arrange spools of various sizes in a heart shape. Once placed as desired, hot glue each spool and let dry.

Try your hand at these pretty heart-shaped cookies, too.

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felt gnomes
Country Woman

Winter Elves

Plain craft cones transform into winter gnomes with the help of felt, fur and a few add-ons. To make a gnome, wrap the bottom third of the cone in felt and secure with hot glue. Then, wrap the upper two-thirds in a different color of felt and secure. Add faux fur for the beard and a tiny, flesh-colored button for the nose. Finish the gnome with a small bell attached to the top of the hat.

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costume jewelry crafts
Country Woman

Brooch Display

Add a little sparkle to your home this winter by putting costume jewelry on display. When placed in a metallic frame or adorned on a foam craft cone, vintage brooches really shine. If you don’t own a collection, check out thrift stores and estate sales for pretty (yet penny-pinching) pieces.

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rope wreath
Country Woman

Rope Wreath

Rustic, simple and oh-so-chic, this rope wreath is here to win winter. Make one by shaping layers of thick rope into a circle and securing with smaller pieces of wrapped rope. Embellish with faux foliage and a burlap flower.

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Pinecone Kissing Ball
Country Woman

Pinecone Kissing Ball

Whether used as decor inside or out, these pretty pine pomanders are eye-catching. Make one by folding a length of ribbon in half and securing to a large, Styrofoam ball with a thumbtack and hot glue. Repeat on the opposite side of the ball, this time using various lengths of ribbon. Then, adhere pine cones over the entire surface of the ball with hot glue.

Editor’s Tip: Make sure to have a variety of pine cone sizes on hand. Attach the bigger ones first, then fill in the gaps with smaller cones.

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puzzle hearts
Country Woman

Puzzle Hearts

If you have a puzzle that’s lost a piece, don’t throw it away! Repurpose the game into this cute craft. Hot glue pieces to a heart-shaped frame, coordinating colors if desired. Add a pretty ribbon and display anywhere that needs a pop of color.

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