How to Get the Bacon Smell Out of Your House

Updated: Oct. 13, 2023

When breakfast is over, here's how to get the lingering bacon smell out of your house.

Bacon is delicious. Whether enjoyed with eggs for breakfast or on top of a cheeseburger at lunch, it’s hard to run out of ways to eat bacon. However, after you’ve made your bacon and appreciated that fragrant aroma, you’re probably ready to figure out how to get the bacon smell out of your house.

Even the most delicious cooking smells are less pleasant the next morning!

Deal with the Leftovers

The first thing we can do is make sure the bacon is put away. When everyone is done enjoying that Sunday brunch, put the leftovers in an airtight container and store them in the refrigerator. That will make sure there’s more bacon available for a snack later, and help get the bacon smell out of your house, too.

Don’t Let the Mess Linger

Smells tend to hang in the air if the dishes and frying pans stick around for a while covered with that delicious bacon grease. Try to clean as quickly as possible and the smell will fade after. An additional bonus is that fresher cooking messes tend to be easier to clean. After cleaning those pots and dishes, you’ll want to get that smell off your hands by cleaning them, too, with a squeeze of lemon. The citric acid will neutralize odors and your hands will smell clean and fresh. This little hack also works to get the smell of garlic off your hands.

Contain the Smell

We’ve all walked into our bedroom and suddenly smelled that morning’s breakfast. What was delicious for brunch is not welcome at bedtime, so keep kitchen smells out of the rest of the house by containing them. The best way to keep that bacon smell out of the rest of the house is to close the doors to the other rooms, and close the door to the kitchen when cooking. Then, hopefully, the smell will stay there and not travel.

Freshen the Air

We all remember those nifty pine fresheners that would hang from the rearview mirror of our cars. One way to mask smells we’re trying to get rid of is to try an air freshener. Keep the air feeling natural with homemade air fresheners like essential oils, natural-smelling candles or fragrant houseplants. Fresh herbs are a smell you won’t mind lingering around a while! Another option for freshening the air would be to invest in an air purifier.

Air the Room Out

This may sound counterintuitive after the last tip, but a good way to get rid of a smell is to air the room out. Turn on the fan and make sure the windows are open. This will help get rid of the bacon smell and also keep the kitchen from overheating while doing that frying.

Put Away the Frying Pan

Frying bacon may be the most classic of methods for preparation, but it’s not the only one. Bacon can easily be made in the oven or the air fryer. By making it inside an appliance rather than out in the open on the stovetop, those smells can be contained.

Make Some Coffee

Chances are you’ll be brewing some coffee to go with that bacon and eggs anyway. The scent of freshly brewed coffee is helpful in its own right, but the real benefit here comes from the used grounds. Those coffee grounds help neutralize odors, so just leave them out and let them do their job.

Make Dessert

Coffee goes great with dessert, right? Baking cookies or cupcakes won’t just provide something sweet to end the meal, but the smell will overpower that bacon and make the kitchen smell cinnamony fresh.