These Egg Rings Are Our Shopping Editor’s Secret to the Best Copycat Egg McMuffins

Updated: May 22, 2023

These egg rings do more than just make delicious McMuffin copycats—they're our shopping editor's favorite hack for cutting perfectly circular crumpets and burgers.

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As a Shopping Editor at Taste of Home, I’m no stranger to testing niche kitchen gadgets. I’m a big fan of breakfast foods, so I find egg tools particularly intriguing. There are a million ways to prepare eggs: poached atop a slice of homemade bread, sunny side up on pizza and simple scrambles featuring savory veggies and cheese. However you fry it, eggs are a tasty addition to nearly any dish—and that’s why I had to throw money at these inexpensive Amazon egg rings.

What are the Amazon egg rings?

A Non-stick Egg Ringvia merchant

These egg-cooking rings are crafted from rust-free stainless steel and feature easy-to-grab handles for fuss-free pan removal. Simply put, they’re high-quality molds that can be used for a variety of purposes. For easy McMuffin copycats, simply place a few egg rings into a stainless steel, nonstick or ceramic-coated pan, flip up the handle and crack an egg directly into the egg mold ring. Once the bottom cooks, use the handle to pull out the egg ring for eggs cooked flawlessly in a circular shape.

Sure, egg rings are an easy way to fry up crispy circular egg patties for sandwiches and eggs Benedict—but I don’t want to sell these versatile tools short. They’re also a clever solution for burger patties and biscuit circles. Or, use this incognito pancake tool to pour perfectly round pancakes right in the pan. Because they’re made from stainless steel, they’re easy to clean with a quick swipe from a sponge.

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Why I Love Them

Inflation affected a lot of my favorite fast food finds, and I’m feeling it the most with my beloved McMuffins from McDonald’s. It’s simply easier, tastier and more economical to forgo the drive-through and make my own cheesy breakfast sandwiches. The best part about using these egg rings? They’re deep enough to add cuts of ham, diced tomatoes or a slice of cheese atop the egg for an all-in-one breakfast patty.

Living in an apartment with limited space means carefully choosing what kitchen gadgets make the cut, and these egg rings survived several rounds of downsizing. Using these tools is easy, and they don’t take up much room in my gadget drawer. Plus, they’re my go-to for anything that needs to be cut into a perfect circle: crumpets, toad-in-a-hole toast and mini multi-layered cakes are a few of my favorite uses.

But don’t take my word for it!

Over 8,000 Amazon reviewers praise these egg molds for their multipurpose uses and top-shelf materials. “These are nice and sturdy,” one reviewer writes, “The little handles fold down for storage. I used them the first time to make crumpets, which I had never done before. So the entire exercise was a string of new experiences: batter, rings, heat adjustment and so forth.

I used a pastry brush to grease the inside of the rings with a combination of butter and oil. I popped them into a hot pan and filled them with crumpet batter. Within a few minutes, the crumpets had cooked enough on the first side that I could slide the rings off easily. There was no hint of sticking, and I was glad I got the rings with handles. They stay cool enough to touch. I think it would be difficult dealing with rings without handles. So glad I chose these rings!”

Where to Buy Egg Rings

Nonstick Egg Rings Set of 4via merchant

The Amazon egg rings are available for a fair $16. Secure a set of four today and enjoy a sizable 25% discount, bringing the total price to only $12. Never suffer from malformed pancakes again and stop wasting cash on soggy fast food breakfasts. Snag these egg molds on deep discount for easy, fresh copycat McMuffins!

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