Cometeer Coffee Review: We Tried Coffee Capsules for the Easiest Morning Ever

Updated: May 16, 2023

Cometeer capsules are changing my morning coffee routine for the better.

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Some mornings, my laziness gets the best of my coffee routine. Often, it’s because my pour-over or espresso portafilter is still dirty in the sink from yesterday morning. And I don’t have the time or energy to clean them until, well, I’ve had a cup of coffee. See the problem?

Usually, I would just power through. (Or ask my fiancé to walk down the block to a café.) But then I learned about Cometeer coffee capsules. These pods are changing the instant coffee game—but do they live up to the hype? Here’s my honest review.

What is Cometeer coffee?

Cometeer coffee merges the quality of a barista-crafted cup with the simplicity of instant coffee. The brand’s capsules are filled with expertly brewed, super-strong coffee concentrate, then frozen. The cups stay frozen until you’re ready to indulge.

To use Cometeer coffee, you have several options. For a classic cup of hot coffee, remove the still-frozen cup from its packaging and add 6-8 ounces of hot water. Or, “brew” it through a single-serve coffee maker. And for a speedy latte, add a melted coffee capsule to your steamed milk of choice.

If iced coffee is more your style, Cometeer tastes equally good when a melted capsule mixes with cold water, milk or ice. Heck, you can even serve ’em over ice cream for an on-the-go affogato or mix with vodka for an espresso martini. The options are endless.

As an added bonus, cleanup is a breeze. There are no messy grounds to compost or tiny espresso baskets to wash. Simply rinse the aluminum capsule housing and toss it in the recycling bin. Talk about a win for you and the planet.

Cometeer Coffee Katie Bandurski 3Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

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Cometeer Coffee Features

  • Sold in packs of 32 capsules
  • Choose from eight roast levels and 12 roasters
  • Option to buy once or subscribe
  • Ships frozen
  • Can be served hot or iced
  • Multiple serving methods
  • Fully recyclable capsules and packaging

How We Tested It

Making Iced Coffee Up Close Of Capsule Cometeer Coffee Katie BandurskiKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

I had the chance to try four varieties of Cometeer coffee capsules:

They arrived neatly on my porch, packed in dry ice. Right off the bat, I loved that this coffee product does not take up additional counter space in my kitchen. As someone who owns several coffee makers and accessories, this is a major perk!

I popped the four boxes into my freezer until it was coffee time. (Which, in my eagerness to try, was just a few hours later.)

I took note of the included instructions card and decided on a simple hot coffee. I put the kettle on, filled it with filtered water from my LARQ pitcher and set it to boil. Then, I prepped my capsule by running it under warm water. After just a few seconds I could feel it start to loosen, so I ripped off the lid and tipped it right into my favorite mug. When the water came to a boil, I added about six ounces and gave the mixture a stir.

The coffee concentrate dissolved almost instantly. Plus, the cold capsule cooled the coffee to the perfect drinking temperature. The whole process, from start to finish, took less than five minutes. And most of that time was waiting for the water to boil!

On first sip, I was pleasantly surprised. This cup could have come from a coffee shop. It was rich, bodied and had a nuanced flavor I would never expect from near-instant coffee. My first thought was, “wow, this really does live up to the brand’s ‘having a barista in your freezer’ marketing claims.” I also love that you can add as little or as much water as you’d like to achieve your ideal brew strength.

For my next test, I had to wait until Wisconsin weather cooperated and sent a sunny, warm day my way. When the clouds finally lifted, I knew it was time to try an iced coffee.

To melt, I simply put my coffee capsule on the counter for an hour. You can also stash it in the fridge overnight or run it under warm water. Remember, though, that the housing is made of aluminum, so you can not defrost in the microwave.

After that, it’s as simple as pouring over ice and milk. I chose to also add a splash of my favorite vanilla coffee syrup. One quick stir later, I took a sip. And, once again, I was impressed. While the lattes I make with my espresso machine have a bolder flavor, this makeshift version was pretty similar. It’s the ideal afternoon pick-me-up when you’re running short on time. And the best part? No dishes to wash!


  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Freshly brewed flavor
  • Versatile uses
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Portable
  • Ability to try new roasts and roasters
  • Don’t take up space on your counter, just in the freezer
  • Easy to customize to your preferred brew strength


  • On the pricey side


Making Iced Coffee Final Cometeer Coffee Katie BandurskiKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

Is Cometeer coffee expensive?

Compared to a bag of grocery store grounds or a pack of instant coffee, yes, Cometeer capsules are on the pricey side. However, when you factor in the gourmet beans and expert roasting, similar to what you pay for in a coffee shop, the pods could actually save you money. See ya later, $6 latte!

Can you use Cometeer in Keurig?

Yes! Simply give the capsule a quick shake, then insert frozen into your Keurig coffee maker. Select the 8-ounce brew setting and enjoy! Keep in mind that you don’t need a Keurig to brew Cometeer capsules though. You can use kettle-boiled water, steamed milk or ice just as well.

Final Verdict

Now, I’ll admit, while I appreciate a good cup of coffee, I do not have the palate of a Q Grader (aka a coffee sommelier). If you, too, appreciate a quality morning cup and convenience, I highly recommend Cometeer coffee. Is it the fanciest brew in the world? No. But is it tasty and easy to make? Yes.

Plus, it lets you try different types of coffee from roasters across the country. I also love the versatility. As someone who likes to switch between hot brews, lattes, iced coffee, cold brew and even mushroom coffee, Cometeer gives me the flexibility to satisfy any craving.

Where to Buy Cometeer Coffee

Cometeer Coffee Box Ecommvia merchant

You can buy Cometeer coffee capsules on the brand’s website. Opt between a one-time buy for around $90 or subscribe for around $70. (For the latter, choose to receive deliveries every week, two weeks or four weeks.) One order includes 32 capsules, customized to your preferred roast level or roaster. For an extra $17, you can also add on 8-packs of decaf, half-caff or a “barista’s choice.”

It’s official: lazy mornings will never be the same. And honestly? Reaching for a capsule may just become my new normal.

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