8 Best Mushroom Coffee Brands of 2024, Dietitian-Tested and Reviewed

Mushrooms for breakfast? You bet. The best mushroom coffee contains powerful health benefits and good-for-you nutrients that help you stay energized and focused throughout the day.

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8 Best Mushroom Coffee BrandsNANCY SNYDER/TASTE OF HOME

For many of us, drinking coffee has become such a routine part of our morning that we often take it for granted. Yet, that precious little cup of joe—which we’ve come to depend on to kick start our day—may also cause us anxious jitters, a post-afternoon crash and even a restless night of sleep. That’s why more and more people are turning to the best mushroom coffee brands to break this vicious cycle and harness the natural properties of our fungi friends. Mushrooms can sharpen our focus, reduce brain fog and keep energy levels sustained throughout the day.

As a dietitian, I often get asked about the health benefits of mushroom coffee. As an alternative to regular coffee, mushroom brew contains adaptogens, which are plants or mushrooms that have been shown to naturally help your body cope with feelings of stress, anxiety and fatigue, as well as improve overall wellbeing. While not every brand contains actual coffee, you’ll notice certain mushrooms across the board, such as cordyceps and lion’s mane, which are renowned for their energy and focus-boosting properties. Others, such as reishi and shiitake, can help relieve stress.

In researching and testing the best mushroom coffees, I found there is a curated coffee alternative blend for just about everyone, taking into consideration key factors such as taste, caffeine content and intended use (focus, energy, immunity and gut health—just to name a few). So, which mushroom coffee brand should become part of your new morning routine? We tested 10 of the most popular brands and made a list of our best picks to help you choose the right one for you.

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Four Sigmatic Think Nancy Snyder/Taste of Home

Best Mushroom Coffee Overall

Four Sigmatic Think

Four Sigmatic was one of the pioneers of the mushroom coffee trend, and their Think dark roast coffee is a classic for a reason. It features organic coffee blended with lion’s mane to improve focus and memory and chaga to boost overall mood and well-being. With over 17,000 ratings, it’s also the top-selling mushroom coffee on Amazon.

As far as taste, you’ll hardly notice there’s anything other than your favorite type of coffee in there. At 150 mg of caffeine, you won’t be giving up your regular cup of joe in exchange for the beneficial adaptogen compounds. While Four Sigmatic’s website says you’ll see improved focus in as little as seven days, I can attest that I felt the effects on the very first day.

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  • Most similar to regular coffee (150 mg caffeine)
  • Contains 500 mg of log-grown lion’s mane and wildcrafted chaga for improved memory, focus and immunity
  • Utilizes fruiting bodies of mushrooms, not mycelium (roots)
  • Tastes like regular, dark roast coffee
  • USDA Organic


  • The serving (4 Tbsp per 12 fl oz) may be a little strong for some, but easy to adjust based on personal preference

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Best Value Mushroom Coffee

Laird Superfood Focus

Laird’s Focus Coffee calls for just 1 Tbsp of ground coffee per serving, meaning the more affordable 12-ounce bag will last you a lot longer than other ground mushroom coffee brands on this list that call for three to four times that amount.

This coffee is almost like your typical medium roast—except that it contains coffee cherry (an antioxidant), lion’s mane mushroom and Rhodiola extracts (an adaptogen botanical known to relieve stress) for a powerful and energizing blend of functional ingredients and superfoods. Leading with ground Peruvian coffee beans and 100 mg of caffeine, this blend is a fair trade for your current coffee brand.

Laird’s coffee beans are grown at a high altitude—which the company says is responsible for delivering a complex flavor profile—and I’d have to admit, I agree. I preferred the taste of this blend compared to that of the stronger, darker roasts. Speaking of taste, Laird Superfoods also offers mushroom creamer to combine with their coffee for lasting focus and sustained energy.


  • Economical price, with small serving size extending the longevity of one bag
  • Features a blend of functional ingredients and superfoods for improved focus, immunity and stress relief
  • Utilizes lion’s mane fruiting bodies for maximum benefit
  • Contains 100 mg of caffeine with a smooth taste comparable to regular coffee


  • Only contains one type of mushroom

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La Republica Superfoods Nancy Snyder/Taste of Home

Best Instant Mushroom Coffee

La Republica Superfoods

Add seven powerful mushrooms to Arabica coffee, and you get La Republica’s Focus & Energy. What’s better? This coffee comes in a convenient, instant blend to take to work or on the go.

But you won’t have to trade in quality for convenience. La Republica sources its coffee from wild-grown fruiting bodies that are dual-extracted to release the maximum beneficial compounds. This blend offers an array of benefits—from increased energy and improved brain function to boosted immunity, digestion and stress support—keeping you healthy while enhancing your daily performance.

I found the taste to be very mellow and smooth, and not at all bitter. Unlike other coffees that leave me feeling jittery and scattered, La Republica had me feeling focused and calm.


  • Instant Arabica coffee containing seven different mushrooms (lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, cordyceps, maitake, shiitake and turkey tail)
  • Fruiting bodies are dual-extracted for maximum benefits
  • Contains no other ingredients or filler
  • Contains less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee (75-90 mg)
  • USDA Organic


  • Some might prefer a bolder, stronger taste

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Clevr Coffee SuperLatte Nancy Snyder/Taste of Home

Best Mushroom Latte

Clevr Coffee SuperLatte

What I like most about the Clevr Coffee SuperLatte is that it contains coffee, a blend of mushrooms and a creamer all in one. Similar to instant coffee, there’s no prep required—just pour in hot water and enjoy a drink that tastes professionally made in the comfort of your home and for a fraction of the cost.

While other popular mushroom brands contain their latte versions, I found Clevr’s SuperLatte to be superior in taste—comforting but not too sweet. Clevr also sells a variety of other popular flavors including Matcha, Sleeptime (award-winning) and Chai (an Oprah favorite).

Aside from the taste, the latte provided instant energy that I could wake up to every morning. Even better, Clevr’s latte is formulated with brain-boosting, mood-lifting ingredients like ashwagandha, reishi and lion’s mane, as well as heat-resistant probiotics for immune-boosting power. The only downside? It tasted so good, I drank it too fast!


  • Great tasting latte with vegan creamer included in the blend
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans from Columbia
  • 1000 mg adaptogens (ashwagandha, reishi, lion’s mane)
  • Heat-resistant probiotics
  • 50 mg of caffeine for immediate energy without feeling caffeinated or jittery


  • It’s pricier than some other brands on this list (but creamer is included)

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MUD/WTR Nancy Snyder/Taste of Home

Best Low-Caffeine Mushroom Coffee


MUD/WTR is neither mud nor water: It’s a mushroom coffee that ditches most of the caffeine for a potent blend that’s as charged with health benefits as it is with energizing properties. Made with masala chai and a range of organic spices, the flavor veers more toward a chai latte than coffee.

Don’t let its low caffeine content fool you. It still contains 2,248 mg of energy and immune-boosting adaptogens from chaga, reishi, lion’s mane and cordyceps—that’s more mushroom content than any other brand on this list.

MUD/WTR offers a subscription service, so you never have to worry about running low. (These are our other favorite coffee subscription boxes.)


  • Low-caffeine option (35 mg caffeine)
  • 2,248 mg of mushrooms (chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps)
  • Spice blend provides antioxidant and immune support from
  • Comforting, smooth taste with hints of ginger and turmeric
  • USDA Organic


  • Pricier than other brands on this list
  • Although I felt calm and focused initially, I was needing a second cup by late morning

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Shroomi Dark Roast Focus Mushroom Coffee Nancy Snyder/Taste of Home

Best Mushroom Coffee for Brain Health

Shroomi Dark Roast Focus Mushroom Coffee

Now here’s a coffee that works smarter, not harder: Shroomi’s dark roast blend contains 100% organic Arabica ground coffee beans and 1000 mg of brain-boosting, organic lion’s mane mushroom in every cup. As a champion for mental health awareness, Shroomi offers a line of mushroom coffees and shots to help deliver an array of health benefits from various mushroom blends.

I tested their dark roast with lion’s mane, which as their website states, is a mushroom that “has been clinically shown to naturally support memory, focus and concentration.” I found the taste to be comforting and similar to that of regular coffee, and I was pleasantly surprised to find I felt immediately energized, focused and in a positive mood. While the initial effects may be attributed to the caffeine content, I’m eager to keep fueling my brain every morning to reap the long-term benefits.


  • 1000 mg of lion’s mane mushroom  m per serving, cultivated naturally from fruiting bodies without fillers
  • Dark roast coffee tastes similar to regular coffee, providing 60 mg of caffeine per serving
  • USDA Organic
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Website contains a mushroom certificate of analysis


  • A handful of reviewers did not care for the taste

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Velty Uncaffeinated Instant Coffee Nancy Snyder/Taste of Home

Best Mushroom Coffee for Gut Health

Velty Uncaffeinated Instant Coffee

Each serving of Velty’s instant coffee contains 4 grams of organic, gut-friendly ingredients to support digestion and, as their site states, “nurture the connection between mind and gut.” Since coffee can cause upset stomachs for some, it’s only natural that this gut-friendly digestif is also caffeine-free.

With ingredients such as Jerusalem artichoke inulin and mesquite powder, this does not taste like your ordinary coffee, but more like a comforting broth. If you can get past the unique flavor profile in exchange for a daily dose of gut-friendly ingredients and immune-boosting mushroom compounds, this may just be the coffee for you (we think you’ll be happy trusting your gut instincts on this one!).


  • Includes prebiotics and fiber to support digestion, increase good gut bacteria and help you feel full longer
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, as well as lion’s mane and reishi mushroom extracts to help boost mood and immunity
  • Caffeine-free
  • Woman-owned and sourced from women farmers and producers


  • Unique earthy flavor may not appeal to some who prefer the taste of traditional coffee
  • One of the pricier coffees on our list

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Renude Chagaccino Superfood Coffee Boost Nancy Snyder/Taste of Home

Best Mushroom Extract Powder

ReNude Chagaccino Superfood Coffee Boost

Although it doesn’t contain coffee itself, ReNude’s Chagaccino Superfood Coffee Boost powder features a powerful blend of mushrooms and adaptogens that can be stirred into your favorite coffee or espresso.

A coffee powder is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who don’t want to give up their current blend, or for someone who wants the benefits of mushrooms without the caffeine. The immune-boosting powder features 500 mg of wild foraged chaga mushroom per serving, which contains 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries. Visit ReNude’s website for a full list of chaga benefits, which include stress relief, anti-aging properties and improved gut health.

I blended my chagaccino with my favorite cold brew and some plant-based milk over ice. While I felt the taste was fantastic, the instructions state that you can use less powder for a less sweet result (but who would want to do that?).


  • Powerful mushroom blend that can be used with your current coffee brand
  • Strong antioxidant properties
  • Great taste
  • Zero calories and 0 grams of sugar


  • Only contains one type of mushroom

What to Look for When Buying Mushroom Coffee

What to Look for When Buying Mushroom CoffeeNancy Snyder/Taste of Home

The number of mushroom coffees on the market today can be overwhelming. The whole point of looking for a mushroom coffee is to help relieve stress, not add to it, right? Here are a few important factors to consider to help make the process a little easier:

  • Caffeine Content: First things first, are you looking to cut down on, or eliminate, your caffeine intake in exchange for more natural energy? Or are you still wanting to enjoy your daily cup of joe, but with the added health benefits of adaptogens? There are many mushroom coffee brands, so tackling this step first will help to significantly narrow your options. Some of the bigger mushroom coffee brands offer a variety of caffeine levels, while others, like Velty, offer a decaf version.
  • Coffee Quality: For optimal taste (especially for the coffee connoisseurs out there), the quality of coffee beans used is also an important factor. Check the company website or packaging to learn how they source and cultivate their coffee beans. From there, select a roast that suits your preference. If you don’t want to shelf your current coffee, no problem! Opt for a mushroom powder like ReNude’s Chagaccino Superfood Coffee Boost, which can be added to your favorite coffee or espresso for an adaptogenic boost.
  • Coffee Preparation: Just like with regular coffee, you can purchase ground or instant (or even coffee pods) depending on your preference and needs. Purchase ground coffee for use in a drip coffee maker, French press or pour-over, or grab an instant version for convenience when on the go (or if you don’t want to hog the office coffee maker with your mushroom brew).
  • Mushroom Type and Quantity: Depending on your intended use, select a coffee that contains a mushroom variety that will work for you. Chaga, reishi, turkey tail, shiitake and maitake have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in immune support. Lion’s mane has been shown to help with focus and memory and promote brain health. Cordyceps has been touted for its ability to provide natural and sustained energy. While the quantity of mushroom content per coffee appears to range from 500-2000 mg per serving, it’s important to select a coffee that utilizes the beneficial mushroom compounds from “fruiting bodies”, and not just the the mycelium (i.e., root).
  • Ingredients: Before purchasing your mushroom brew, scan the ingredients to ensure there are no added fillers, unnecessary flavors or sweeteners. Some shroom brews may contain additional helpful ingredients, such as ashwagandha, prebiotics or healthy spices like turmeric or cinnamon. Lastly, if organic ingredients are important to you, look for a mushroom coffee that includes the USDA Organic Seal.

Of course, you’ll also want to take into consideration the price when choosing the best mushroom coffee. In doing so, pay close attention to the serving size to determine how far your mushroom brew will get you.

Why You Should Trust Us

As a culinary dietitian, I have nearly a decade of experience working with restaurants and food manufacturers to provide nutrient analysis and label consulting for thousands of menu items and retail goods. As a result, I am no stranger to scrutinizing an ingredient statement or nutrition facts label to ensure our recommendations are quality products from reputable brands. Plus, as a daily coffee drinker on the hunt for great taste and sustained energy without unwanted jitters or crashes, I can discern the best flavor profiles while also evaluating each mushroom coffee brand’s reported effects.

How We Found the Best Mushroom Coffee

How We Found the Best Mushroom CoffeeNancy Snyder/Taste of Home

I purchased a handy Cuisinart Coffeemaker & Hot Water System to test a variety of ground and instant coffee. Not only does this allow for brewing drip coffee, but the handy hot water dispenser allows me to conveniently dissolve instant coffee for a quick cup of joe.

I tested the coffee for 11, non-consecutive days (which I reserved for work days where I needed to focus) to evaluate taste and each mushroom coffee’s individual effects.

On day one, I made all 10 coffees and evaluated and compared each based on their flavor profile without any added creamer, milk or sweeteners (except for ReNude’s Chagaccino, which is a mushroom powder that is to be added to regular coffee with the addition of plant-based milk and ice).

After that, I tested one mushroom coffee per workday and noted the favorable effects on energy (immediate and sustained), mood and ability to focus, as well as any potential unwanted effects from the caffeine content of some of the brands.

From my testing, I was able to narrow down the eight best mushroom coffee selections. Because no two mushroom coffee drinkers are alike, they have been ranked based on intended uses to find the right shroom brew for you.


Is mushroom coffee good for you?

Mushrooms have long been touted for their medicinal and nutritional benefits on brain health, immunity support and digestion. Whether we can reap these same benefits from the dried and extracted mushrooms contained in these coffee brands is still being researched. That being said, most mushroom coffees contain less caffeine, which can be a positive change to your daily routine. Caffeine, when consumed in high amounts or during unfavorable times of day, can increase cortisol (a hormone produced during times of stress), cause unwanted jitters or anxious feelings, and prevent you from getting decent sleep. Mushroom coffees, on the other hand, have been marketed for their ability to provide natural and sustained energy throughout the day without the crash.

While mushroom coffee can be enjoyed by many, those with difficulty digesting mushrooms should avoid it. Those with kidney issues or a history of kidney stones should consult with their doctor first (due to the oxalate content of some mushroom varieties).

Is mushroom coffee really beneficial?

Research on each mushroom type is still developing. Here are their reported health benefits:

  • Lion’s Mane: One of the more common adaptogen extracts contained in mushroom coffee, lion’s mane has cognitive benefits, including improved focus, memory and mood.
  • Chaga: This mushroom is rich in antioxidants (significantly greater than that of acai, pomegranate or blueberries) to help support immune function and overall well-being.
  • Reishi: Contains health-promoting properties that provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.
  • Cordyceps: As an adaptogen that helps relieve stress and fatigue, cordyceps improves energy, stamina and endurance.
  • Turkey Tail: Similar to chaga and reishi, turkey tail supports immune function and overall health.
  • Shiitake: Rich in B vitamins, minerals and fiber, shiitake mushrooms offer immune-boosting benefits.
  • Maitake: Rich in beta-glucans, maitake has favorable effects on cholesterol and overall cardiovascular health.