This Coffee Creamer Hack Will Make Your Morning SO Much Easier

This TikTok hack gets coffee creamer open in a second.

There are some types of packaging that seem to have been invented just to infuriate us. One is clamshell packaging—you know, those fused-together pieces of plastic you basically have to attack with a pair of scissors to open? Another, as caffeine lovers can attest, is coffee creamer. That seal is impossible to break!

Well, TikTok has a great solution to that problem. This coffee creamer hack makes it so much easier to get the bottle open and sip your perfect cup of coffee. Here’s how it’s done.

It Only Takes a Second—and Saves SO Much Time

So, you have a brand-new bottle of creamer and you don’t want to spend your morning doing battle with it (or jabbing a knife through the seal). What do you do?

According to this TikTok, first, you unscrew the lid. Then, you’ll use the circular part—the small circle on the inside of the lid’s top half—to puncture the seal by positioning it over the foil and pressing down. Boom!

Seal? Broken. Creamer? Easily accessible. Time? Saved. We’re amazed that we never thought of this ourselves, but it really works, and we’re definitely planning on using this strategy from now until forever.

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