6 Super Smart Cleaning Hacks That Janitors Want You to Know

Updated: May 07, 2024

BRB, running to the store to get a pumice stone.

If you find that trying to keep your entire house clean all the time is exhausting, you’re not alone. In addition to the sinks and toilets, there are all kinds of hidden places to clean that we didn’t even know about! But, lucky for us, TikTok comes in clutch with must-know cleaning hacks.

TikTok user @cleanthatup is a “3rd generation janitor and clean freak”. He’s gained over a million followers thanks to his plethora of cleaning videos, and trust me, there’s a reason people can’t get enough. He’s got upholstery tips, stainless steel tips and toilet tips, but that’s only scratching the surface. Here are six of his best cleaning hacks.

@cleanthatup 3 quick cleaning tips from a Janitor #cleantok #cleanthatup ♬ original sound – Clean That Up!

1. DIY Grout Cleaner

Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together for a quick and effective homemade grout cleaner. Those grubby tiles will be no match for your natural cleaning power.

2. Use a Pillowcase for Ceiling Fans

Now this is a secret weapon we’ve seen before, and it’s absolutely genius. Take an older pillowcase and use it to clean the blades of your ceiling fans. Drag the open end of the case down the length of the blade and watch in wonder as all the dust collects inside.

3. Use Steam to Remove Furniture Marks

Don’t you hate those annoying little dents in your rugs and carpets? Don’t worry, there’s a hack for that. Take a damp towel and place it over the indent. Steam with an iron for 10-15 seconds over the damp cloth. Remove the cloth and groom the spot with a fork. Voila, all gone!

@cleanthatup Check your tags before cleaning your upholstery! #cleantok #protip ♬ original sound – Clean That Up!

4. Check Upholstery Tags

While we tend to find the giant tags on our couches and rugs annoying, they do hold some vital information. Check your couch’s upholstery tag for the clean code. There will either be an “S,” a “W” or an “SW”. The “S” means that item should only be used with solvent cleaners, aka dry-clean only. The “W” means you can use water-based products. The “SW” means you can either choose to dry-clean or use water-based products—whichever works best for you.

@cleanthatup Let’s clean up this hard water build up! #cleantok ♬ Cowpoke – Colter Wall

Here are all the thinks you should really be dry-cleaning.

5. Remove Hard Water Stains

Have some unsightly hard water stains on your stainless steel appliances? Grab some Barkeepers Friend spray and a Scrub Mommy (or Daddy). Spray it on your stainless steel refrigerator or dishwasher and scrub gently. Leave for 2-3 minutes and clean off with a microfiber towel. Learn how to wash a microfiber towel the right way.

@cleanthatupCleaning with my pet ♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant – Harry Styles

6. Use a Pumice Stone

Sometimes we end up with ugly hard water stains on the inside of our toilets. Lucky for us, sparkling clean toilet bowls are a stone’s throw away! Wet a pumice stone and scrub away your hard water stains with ease. Flush after you’re finished and give yourself a proud pat on the back—you’ve earned it! Here are some other uses for a pumice stone around your house.