5 Surprising Pumice Stone Uses for Your Home

Your cleaning tool kit needs a pumice stone!

When most people buy a pumice stone, it’s for a DIY pedicure or spa treatment. This small volcanic rock can be great for handling rough skin, but that’s not all. It’s time to discover the pumice stone uses that will take your house to the next level of clean!

The most popular pumice stone for cleaning has to be the Pumie, an adorable $2 scouring stick that’s worth every penny.

Things to Clean with a Pumice Stone Uses

1. Glass Baking Dishes

When it comes to cleaning baked-on grease stains, finding the right product can be really difficult. It needs to be strong enough to take out the stains, but soft enough to keep from scratching the surface. Use a pumice stone on your glass baking dishes to make them shine like they’re brand-new.

As a reminder, always use your pumice stones with water. It’s best to keep a cup of water near for easy dunking access.

2. Your Oven’s Interior

I don’t know about you, but it takes a good chunk of my day to clean my oven. Not only that, I need an ample amount of elbow grease to feel like I’m getting anything done. Even with the right products, the grime doesn’t melt off like I wish it would. That’s where a pumice stone comes into play—dunk it in water and get to scrubbin’. You’ll be so impressed!

Here are other ways to clean your oven without harsh chemicals.

3. Pet Hair on Furniture

We love our furry family members, but we don’t always love the hair they leave around the house. Not only that, it can be an absolute pain to get rid of all the fur stacked up on your furniture. The solution is your handy pumice stone. Use short strokes working in one direction to gather all the loose hair. Have a vacuum handy to clean up your piles. Then use this laundry trick to remove pet hair from bedding and clothes.

4. Hard Water Stains

We’ve all seen those annoying hard water stains in a toilet before. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. The question is, how do we get rid of them? It’s easier than you think. That’s right—grab your pumice stone. Soak it in some water before scrubbing your heart out. Soon those stains will be a thing of the past. It’s janitor-approved, so you know it works!

5. Oven Grates

Scrubbing oven grates is the worst. No matter how hard I try, I feel like the grease and grime stays on to mock me. Who would have thought a pumice stone was the answer to my prayers this whole time? Soak it in some water and get to work. After no time at all, you’ll have shiny new grates for your oven that’ll have your family asking, “Did we get a new oven?”

You can grab the $2 Pumie from Walmart right now. If you’re looking for something designed for your toilet, they’ve also got a Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover for around $11. And if you find you need something stronger, there’s also a Heavy Duty Pumie Scouring Stick for around $7. Happy scrubbing!

Melany Love
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