Swiffer Hacks That Will Completely Change the Way You Clean

You can bust dust on a budget with our Swiffer hacks.

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It’s time for spring cleaning, which means spending hours scrubbing, sweeping and organizing every surface at home. Even if the floors look clean, anyone who uses a Swiffer can tell you there’s more dust and dirt to pick up. Now, we’re sharing Swiffer hacks (from TikTok, of course) that make using this no-frills cleaning product even easier.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to welcome clean floors!

Use the Swiffer Sheet as a Dust Cloth First

If you decide to use store-bought Swiffer cloths, it’s important to get the most bang for your buck. Before you start tackling the floors, use your clean Swiffer to dust surfaces first. It can pick up dust on top of the microwave and refrigerator, along cabinet doors and on shelves. Then put the cloth on your Swiffer and get to work on the floors!

Keep in mind, this is what you shouldn’t clean with a Swiffer.

Make a DIY Swiffer Cloth

Swiffers are made to keep things simple—you just attach a Swiffer cloth and sweep away. But what if we told you there’s a simpler, more cost-efficient way to use your Swiffer? In the video below, TikTok user @howdoesshe demonstrates how she cleans her floors using her Swiffer and an old pair of socks.

@howdoessheThe easiest cleaning hack! I especially love hospital socks! #cleaninghack #tipsandtricks #sweeper♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

This TikToker uses old slipper socks (her go-to is hospital socks) instead of Swiffer cloths. She wraps the socks tightly around the head of the Swiffer and collects a satisfying amount of dust and dirt. When you try this hack at home, and are done with the dirty sock, you can simply remove it from your Swiffer, turn it inside out so none of the dirt falls onto your clean floor, and throw it in the washer to reuse.

Plus, opting to use a sock from the bottom of your drawer over Swiffer cleaning cloths will save you some cash. It’s genius, really. Who knew that an old sock would pick up dirt and grime just as efficiently?

More Cleaning Hacks from TikTok

Even if you use Swiffer hacks to conquer every square inch of hardwood floors in your home, why stop there? TikTok has tons of cleaning videos that will make your day-to-day life easier. So far, we’ve learned how to clean wooden spoons, get rid of grease stains in Tupperware and clean out the dishwasher filter (yes, your dishwasher has a filter). You can test them out in your kitchen, too!

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