We’re Obsessed with These Birthdate Candles—And They Make a Great Gift

Updated: Nov. 28, 2023

Give 'em a gift that's meant to be with the personalized Birthdate Candle.

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Maybe you swear by floral, earthy candles with names like “jasmine blossom” or “tobacco pine.” Or perhaps you gravitate toward sweet-smelling food-inspired candles of the sugar cookie or apple pie variety. Either way, we can nearly guarantee this: No candle is more decidedly “you” than the Birthdate Candle. And you’ll want one on your mantel, coffee table or nightstand ASAP.

What is a Birthdate Candle?

Each Birthdate Candle, manufactured in the U.S., is made of a blend of soy and coconut wax and boasts a burn time of 60-80 hours. The milky base is mixed with natural, customized fragrances and poured into premium glass for a pleasantly aromatic final product. But what really sets the Birthdate Candle apart is its individualization.

There are 12 scents intentionally based on the characteristics of each zodiac sign. And each one is meticulously crafted by master perfumers. For example, rosemary, the foremost scent of the Leo candles, matches the sign’s boldness. And Scorpios are passionate and intense, as is the cinnamon and bergamot present in their candles. (Psst! These kitchen items inspired by your astrological sign are written in the stars.)

Additionally—and this is where things get really customized—there are 365 separate labels, one for every birthdate of the year. This info-packed rectangle details the personality traits of those born on the given day, as well as the person’s emblematic tarot card, ruling number and ruling planet. Plus, it includes super cool illustrations! It’s the ultimate birthday present for her.

To take your present to the next level, pair with these must-have candle accessories. Or, tuck it into a birthday care package, gift basket, or have it delivered with one of these fun birthday cakes.

Why are Birthdate Candles viral?

When it comes to giving presents, personalization is always going to score you some points. And the Birthdate Candle provides just that. Most people have a smattering of candles placed around their apartment or house but probably not any that don their exact birthdate.

There are a number of zodiac sign candles on the market, but none of them offer the specificity of the Birthdate Candle. So candle fans, astrology aficionados and even just interior-design obsessors, this is the gift for you.

And, to see the Birthdate Candle in action, head over to TikTok. Users like @..luvlyn are obsessed with this cool gift, sharing a video that has amassed over 60,000 views!

@..luvlyn I am obsessed! Tysm @birthdatecandles ⭐️#copylink #foryou #fyp #aesthetic #love #viral #birthdatecandle #september #virgo #zodiacsigns #madejustforyou ♬ original sound – Taylor Polcyn

The Best User Reviews

Everyone from Aries to Pisces have favorable things to say about the ultra-giftable Birthdate Candle, which has amassed more than 11,000 five-star reviews.

“Candles make great gifts, but sometimes they can feel a little impersonal,” says Taste of Home Editor, Lisa Kaminski. “With Birthdate Candles, though, you’re giving a truly personalized gift. Each candle is made to correspond with a date. What a great way to mark a birthday or anniversary! The packaging is full of fun facts about that date, and—best yet—the scents are divine. I’ve gifted many and seen them burned down very quickly.”

And make no mistake: The Birthdate Candle is not just for astrology lovers. Self-proclaimed candle connoisseur and satisfied buyer Gigi remarks, “Even if you’re not into astrology, it’s still a cool item to gift someone and certainly a talking piece you can put on your coffee table. The fact that they offer candles for all 365 days of the year is truly unique and special.”

Plus, shipping is a breeze. I personally know the horror that is opening up a packaged glass candle and seeing it shattered. Customer Emily A. quells those concerns saying, “The product was packaged carefully to avoid any breakage. I got this as a gift, but I’ll definitely go back and get one for myself now that I’ve seen how quick and easy the purchasing and shipment processes were.”

Where to Buy a Birthdate Candle

Birthdate Candlesvia merchant

Each Birthdate Candle is available on the company’s website and on Amazon. They’re currently priced at $60 a pop, along with plenty of other present-worthy items, such as the Birthdate Book and Birthdate Pendants. So, who has a birthday coming up?!

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