People Are Obsessed with Butter Candles—Here’s How to Make Them

Butter candles are the latest trend taking over TikTok.

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Who doesn’t love butter? We love all types of butter, whether it’s American, Irish, salted or unsalted or even vodka! Butter just makes everything better. So it makes sense that one of the big trends of this past year has been the rise of butter boards. But recently, people have been taking things a step further, and are creating edible butter candles for their tables. 2022 is certainly the Year of the Butter!

In fact, it’s so trendy that butter candle videos have garnered more than 7 billion views on TikTok. Late last year, we saw the first spark of interest for butter candles, but as we’ve moved into the holiday season, interest has heated back up again. Why not try one for your holiday table?

What’s a Butter Candle?

A butter candle is literally a candle sculpted out of butter instead of wax. Just set it out with a big hunk of crusty bread and light the edible wick: Talk about adding a new meaning to the term melted butter!

The TikTok creator @sooziethefoodie is widely credited with posting the first step-by-step butter candle video.

@sooziethefoodie My favorite thing to make is hands down butter candles #candle #butter #nye ♬ TO THE MOON – Jnr Choi & Sam Tompkins

How Do You Make a Butter Candle?

As far as kitchen arts and crafts go, making butter candles is pretty easy. There are two approaches: Sculpting a softened stick of butter or melting butter and pouring it into a cup or cylinder to mold.

To use the sculpting approach, unwrap a stick of butter and let it soften so it’s malleable. Using plastic wrap, smash the butter flat and place an edible wick in the middle. Then, inside the plastic wrap, begin to roll the flattened butter into a cylindrical shape.

@spoonuniversity TikTok can’t stop talking about @Eat Intelligently ♬ original sound – Spoon University

For the melt-and-mold approach, melt the butter and pour it into a cup, cylinder or another vessel that has the shape you want. As the butter cools, insert an edible wick. When it’s almost fully hardened, slide the candle out onto a board. Some cooks add roasted garlic to the mix for extra flavor.

Are Butter Candles Safe?

Take the same precautions you would with any lit candle. Also, always make sure you use edible wicks, usually made from hemp and food-grade beeswax.

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