Preserving Recipes

Keep your produce at peak perfection with these preserving recipes for shelf-stable freshness.

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      Pickled Red Onions

      Everyone should have a jar of this pickled red onion recipe in their refrigerator at all times. I put them on everything and they keep for weeks, if they last that long. —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor

      Citrus Cantaloupe Butter

      This sweet, chunky cantaloupe butter gets its warm spice flavor from the cinnamon. Orange sections and lime juice give it...

      How to Make Sauerkraut at Home

      Love Ruebens? Bratwurst? German food? Learn how to make sauerkraut yourself. It's a great way to start preserving at home.

      How to Pickle Every Vegetable and Fruit

      Learn how to make pickles with everything from asparagus to zucchini. Pickled vegetables and even fruits are a satisfying way...

      17 Quick Pickle Recipes You Can Make Right Now

      Don't want to wait? Learn how to make these quick pickle recipes. Dig into your creations the very next...

      The Easy Pickled Rhubarb Recipe You Need to Try

      This easy pickled rhubarb recipe is made on the stovetop—but there's no water bath canning required.

      How to Make Pickled Grapes

      No sour grapes here! Easy to make and even easier to eat, pickled grapes are a versatile way to preserve...

      How to Make Pickled Peaches

      Have you ever eaten pickled peaches? It's one of the best ways to preserve summer's most flavorful stone fruit.

      How to Make Pickled Asparagus

      You're steps away from having tangy, delicious pickled asparagus at home.

      How to Make Pickled Watermelon Rinds

      Looking for a unique summer treat? Look no further than homemade pickled watermelon rinds!

      How to Make Pickled Peppers at Home

      You can make tangy and delicious pickled peppers at home—our guide will walk you through the process.

      How to Make Pickled Green Beans

      Make your summer produce go the extra mile with this easy pickled green beans recipe. We'll walk you through every...

      How to Make Pickled Blueberries

      Sweet and tangy, pickled blueberries are the fruit condiment you need to try.

      How to Make Pickled Carrots

      Add pickled carrots to your pickling bucket list. We'll walk you through four easy steps on how to make them.

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      Homemade Sauerkraut

      You only need two ingredients (and a little patience) to make fresh, zippy homemade sauerkraut at home. Put down that...

      Spicy Beet Relish

      1 review

      We love the taste of this beet relish with any type of meat or bean dish. You can adjust the...

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      21 Small-Batch Canning Recipes

      Save yourself hours in the kitchen and shelves of pantry space with these small-batch canning recipes. Each recipe is a...

      Quick Pickled Radishes

      This pickled radish recipe is the perfect addition to tacos, barbecue or just about any sandwich you can dream of....

      Mom’s Pickled Carrots

      4 reviews

      My mother is the only other person I've known to make this recipe. In fact, when I take it to...

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      This Hot New Tool Makes Canning So Much Easier

      Steam canners could revolutionize home canning forever. Here's how to use one safely—straight from the experts.

      Easy Pickled Vegetables

      This pickled vegetables recipe was handed down to me by my mom. It's been in the family for years. These...

      Canned Nectarines in Honey Syrup

      Nectarines are in season for such a short time, you'll want to do whatever you can to extend the season....

      Bourbon Peach Jam

      2 reviews

      Bourbon has been popular at our house since we visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail a few years ago. Every bite...

      Vanilla Pear Berry Jam

      This is the first jam that I came up with on my own—and I love the flavor combo!—Rachel Creech, Marion,...

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      Ginger Blueberry Jam

      2 reviews

      When I was very young, I watched my grandma make this jam in the kitchen. As I sneaked blueberries to...

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      The Best Marinara Sauce

      1 review

      I developed this recipe with a friend to make the most of a bumper crop of tomatoes. Now we like...

      How to Make Pickled Okra (Refrigerator and Water Bath Canning)

      Pickled okra is a classic dish that packs a flavorful crunch. We'll show you two simple ways to make this...

      How to Pickle Beets (Quick-Pickling and Water Bath Canning)

      Learn how to pickle beets with our guide to quick-pickling and water bath canning. Both methods yield a batch of...

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      25 Must-Try Pickled Recipes

      Preserve your summer harvest with refrigerator pickles, pickled vegetables and more recipes that are perfect for topping sandwiches or adding...

      Make Canning Easy with 20 Freezer Jam Recipes

      Capture the flavors of summer with these freezer jam recipes made with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and more. Best of all—no...