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      The 50 Best Brunch Recipes You Haven’t Been Making (But Totally Should!)

      Crustless quiche? Scalloped potatoes and ham casserole? Oh, yeah. We've got 50 recipes that will wow your brunch guests with something different!

      Air-Fryer Bacon-Broccoli Quiche Cups

      Chock-full of veggies and melted cheese, this comforting and colorful egg bake has become a brunch classic. For a tasty...

      Air-Fryer Bacon Egg Cups

      These adorable bacon egg cups are a fresh take on the classic breakfast combo. I originally baked these, but they're...

      Maple-Chai Pumpkin Muffins

      1 review

      Why use ordinary pumpkin pie spice when you can up the ante with your own homemade chai spice? The maple...

      Cranberry-Walnut Belgian Waffles

      Belgian waffles have larger squares and deeper pockets than American waffles. I make mine with nutrition boosters like whole wheat,...

      Muffin-Tin Scrambled Eggs

      1 review

      I made these one year at Christmas as a way to save time, and they were a big hit. I...

      Cheesy Bacon and Grits Casserole

      I was craving grits for breakfast, so I created this masterpiece with fresh corn and leftover bacon. Serve with avocado...

      Kilbourn Sandwich

      1 review

      This is a fun take on a Monte Cristo. It makes a big batch, so you can stock your freezer...

      Chiles Rellenos Croque-Madame

      1 review

      A traditional croque-madame is a heartier version of a croque-monsieur because it's served with an egg on top of the...

      Pecan Coffee Cake Muffins

      1 review

      These moist, cakelike muffins with heaps of crumb topping are to die for! They're wonderful for company, entertaining, brunch or...

      How to Make Pain Perdu, with Leigh Ann Chatagnier

      This cookbook author found her love of food in Louisiana—and now she's sharing her favorite Cajun brunch recipe.

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      70 Baked Goods for Your Spring Brunch

      Treat your brunch guests to some irresistible baked goods that are made with spring's freshest produce like blueberries, rhubarb and...

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      45 Small-Batch Easter Brunch Ideas

      Need Easter brunch ideas for a smaller celebration? These delicious recipes serve just a few folks and are as tasty...

      Peaches and Cream Whiskey Loaf

      I love when fresh peaches are in season! This recipe is sweet from the ripe peaches with a slight tang...

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      35 Overnight Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

      Whether you're craving sweet oats or a savory egg bake, these overnight vegetarian breakfast recipes are perfect for busy mornings.

      Swiss and Chive Quiche

      1 review

      I used to make this cheese and chive quiche recipe using two cans of corned beef hash, but I switched...

      27 Cheap Breakfast Ideas That Use Kitchen Basics

      Who knew breakfast could be so cheap? Try these cheap breakfast ideas that won't break the bank.

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      40 Small-Scale New Year’s Day Brunch Recipes

      Welcome, 2021! Celebrate the new year with a small-scale brunch. We have delicious ideas for six people or less.

      Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Muffins

      3 reviews

      I have a family member with special dietary needs, so I came up with these gluten-free sweet potato muffins that...

      Quinoa-Pear Breakfast Bake

      5 reviews

      My husband and I enjoy quinoa, so I created this pear breakfast bake for our Sunday brunch. The quinoa is...


      Concha (Mexican sweet bread) is a breakfast or snack pastry found all over Mexico. It has a fluffy brioche-like dough...

      Tahitian Breakfast Treats

      2 reviews

      This is a healthy take on the Tahitian coconut breakfast treat called firi firi, which is typically fried. My version...

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      The Best French Toast

      6 reviews

      There's no question that this is the best French toast recipe ever. The caramelized exterior meets a soft custardlike center...

      Nutella Cinnamon Rolls

      3 reviews

      These jumbo Nutella cinnamon rolls will stand alone at your next brunch. Bursting with chocolate, hazelnut, espresso and cinnamon, they...

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      40 Bloody Mary Garnishes You Have to Try

      From pickled veggies to fried chicken—and everything in between—these are our best Bloody Mary garnish ideas. Pass the celery salt,...

      Finnish Salmon and Dill Pie

      4 reviews

      Being of Finnish heritage, I am always thrilled when I find a family recipe. This salmon and dill pie came...

      Spicy Sausage Quiche

      2 reviews

      This spicy sausage quiche is a fantastic option for an office potluck. You can prepare all the ingredients the night...

      Sausage and Pancake Casserole

      9 reviews

      Trial and error made this pancake casserole recipe one that my family asks for time and time again. It's so...

      Pumpkin French Toast with Bacon Maple Syrup

      1 review

      My two great-grandsons helped me create this pumpkin French toast. Each of the boys took turns prepping and offering suggestions....

      Cheesy Cauliflower Breakfast Casserole

      3 reviews

      I love finding new ways to add veggies to my meals. This cauliflower breakfast casserole swaps in riced cauliflower for...