We cover all the Jewish recipes you need—chicken and main dishes, kosher recipes, and even vegetarian fare.

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    The Jewish Brisket Recipe Everyone Should Learn How to Make

    This Jewish brisket recipe is our go-to recipe for the holidays. Use our expert tips to create a perfectly moist,...

    What Is Kugel?

    Learn how to make kugel—the Jewish casserole everyone needs to know.

    How to Read Kosher Symbols on Food Packaging

    Here's a quick look at what all the kosher symbols mean.

    Your Ultimate Guide to the Passover Seder

    From the symbols on the Seder plate to the traditional holiday dishes, here's what to expect at a Passover Seder.

    12 Ways to Use Up a Box of Matzo (During Passover or Any Time)

    Whether you're keeping kosher for Passover or just have some extra matzo on hand, these matzo recipes for Passover...

    How to Make Matzo Balls

    Learn how to make matzo balls as good as Bubbe's with this family recipe.

    Chocolate Covered Matzo

    My entire family asks me to make this every Passover and Hanukkah! I've even been asked to ship it across...

    Chocolate Rugelach

    Many bakeries make chocolate rugelach, but they taste so much better when they are homemade. Traditionally, they are filled with...

    Spinach and Feta Bourekas

    Light and soft, with a bit of crunch, these bourekas are one of my favorite appetizers for holidays. They can...

    Nana Reba’s Potato Knishes

    I grew up eating these potato knishes every holiday. My grandmother had to show up with at least four dozen...

    How to Make Bourekas

    These flaky, cheese-filled pastries are easy to make and will disappear before you can say Chag Sameach!

    Matzo Brei

    Matzo brei (pronounced like fry) is one of the few dishes from my childhood I'll never outgrow. The dampened shards...

    Jewish Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread

    1 review

    This traditional Jewish mandel bread recipe has been passed down in my family for four generations. It tastes wonderful with...

    Hanukkah Cookies

    Cream cheese adds richness to these Hanukkah cookies. Decorate them with royal icing or your favorite buttercream frosting and toppings....

    Homemade Gelt

    Giving chocolate coins to children, and sometimes to teachers, is a long-standing Hanukkah tradition. This homemade version of gelt uses...

    Get to Know Community Cook Rachel Garcia

    As a military wife, Community Cook Rachel Garcia has had the privilege of enjoying and re-creating tasty food from all...

    25 Jewish Foods Everyone Should Learn to Cook

    From buttery loaves of challah to crispy potato latkes, here are the traditional Jewish foods that everyone should be able...

    10 Things You Need for Your Kosher Kitchen

    These fun and useful products make cooking in a kosher kitchen easier than ever.

    13 Jewish Desserts Everyone Needs to Try

    From moist apple cake to sufganiyot, here's a closer look at Jewish desserts.

    Matzo Ball Soup

    This traditional matzo ball soup recipe is worth the extra effort. If you prefer, you can add egg noodles instead...

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    Pomegranate Short Ribs

    2 reviews

    I like drizzling the short rib's pomegranate molasses sauce on top of simple roasted vegetables. It’s a bit tangy and...

    Passover Rainbow Cookies

    1 review

    The name "rainbow cookies" is actually a bit of a misnomer for these classic New York treats. To make the...

    Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

    4 reviews

    The keys to this amazing chicken matzo ball soup are slow-cooking it and using boxed matzo ball mix. Some people...

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    Apple Cake for Passover

    Adding a dollop of whipped cream is a sweet addition to this passover cake! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee,...

    Spicy Beef Brisket

    3 reviews

    This fork-tender brisket is just as good when cooked a day ahead, refrigerated and reheated. I like to serve it...

    Barley Beef Stew

    15 reviews

    On cool days, which we get plenty of here, I like to get out my slow cooker and make up...

    Matzo Toffee

    7 reviews

    Once you start eating matzo toffee, you may not be able to stop! Matzo crackers are topped with buttery caramel,...

    Asparagus Leek Chowder

    8 reviews

    To us, asparagus is the taste of spring, so we enjoy it in as many meals as we can. When...

    Beet Borscht

    9 reviews

    My mother used to make this hearty soup from her garden's bountiful crop of beets and other vegetables. —Ruth Andrewson,...