8 Ways to Spruce up Your Favorite Cereal

Looking for new ideas for what to put in your cereal? We're getting creative with juicy berries, crunchy granola and more.

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Forget too-sugary cereals—add your own juicy sweetness with a handful of fresh berries. Look for in-season fruit like ripe strawberries in spring or plump blueberries in the summer. And don’t be shy; berries add a healthy punch of fiber and antioxidants to your morning meal. Find more health benefits of strawberries.

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Nut Butter

Love your daily bowl of cereal but need more stick-with-you fullness? Try adding a scoop of nut butter to your Cheerios. The extra protein will fill you up and keep you satisfied until lunch. Grab natural almond butter at the store or make your own peanut butter for even better flavor.

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One of the easiest cereal upgrades we love is substituting creamy yogurt for milk. Treat yourself to a breakfast parfait with smooth yogurt, crunchy cereal and fresh fruit. But don’t stop there; infuse all your meals with extra protein and flavor with these recipes with yogurt.

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Dark Chocolate Chips

Who said a healthy breakfast can’t include a little chocolate? Enjoy your favorite unsweetened cereal with a splash of milk and a handful of dark chocolate chips. Dark chocolate adds powerful antioxidants while satisfying your sweet tooth. Save some extra to make dark chocolate pudding for dessert.

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Banana Slices

This tried-and-true cereal topper may sound too simple but it’s a staple for a reason. Adding sliced bananas to your favorite healthy cereal adds creamy sweetness and important nutrients like potassium. Use the entire banana or save the other half for a so-healthy smoothie.

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When you can’t get enough of that crunchy cereal bite, try upping the yum factor with sweet granola. Look for a low-sugar option at the store or set aside a little extra time (so worth it) to whip up Good Morning Granola.

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Toasted Almonds

Infuse your morning cereal with extra protein and healthy fats when you add crisp sliced almonds. Their nutty flavor pairs well with almost any cereal and will keep you full until lunch. Try adding berries for a brunch-worthy meal in no time.

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Dried Fruit

If you’ve been missing the sugary cereals from your childhood, add your own flavor with dried fruit. Raisins are always a yummy option, but branch out with dried cherries or blueberries for extra vitamins and a tart bite.

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