9 Nifty Ways to Use Parchment Paper Sheets

Parchment paper should already be a kitchen staple, but when you buy it in pre-cut sheets, you can take your cooking and baking to a whole new level. Here's why.

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Baking still-life with flour heaped onto parchment paper
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Make baking prep super-easy

To cooks in the know, parchment paper is a kitchen superhero. Measure your dry ingredients onto pre-cut parchment paper sheets, and then slide the ingredients into your mixing bowl. You’ll never have to wash out prep bowls again. And if those sheets are still clean, you can reuse them later!

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Salmon veggie packets
Taste of Home

Simplify your en papillote prep

En papillote is just a fancy way of saying cooking in paper, like with these salmon veggie packets. Prepping these is a snap when you snag pre-cut parchment sheets at the grocery storeā€”no measuring and no washing up to do!

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Christmas Cookies coming out of the Oven
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Ensure prettier cookies

Parchment paper sheets let you line your cookie sheets with precision, and baking cookies on parchment prevents your cookies from sticking or breaking apart. Try it with these vanilla meringue cookies, which will also cook more evenly thanks to the parchment paper.

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Sliced tasty chocolate cake on sheet of parchment and glass of milk on wooden table background
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Use them as snack plates

Looking for easy cleanup but don’t have paper plates on hand? Just take a sheet of parchment and use it as a plate (or layer over your regular dishes). Now when you dip into a slice of one of these snack cake copycats, you won’t have to worry about the mess. Just grab a glass of milk and enjoy.

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Uncooked oatmeal cookies on baking paper on a baking sheet
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Prepare multiple batches

If you’re making multiple batches of cookies but don’t have multiple pans, simply prep your next batches on parchment paper sheets. When the first batch comes out of the oven, slide it off the pan, and replace it with one of your prepped sheets.

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Whole Roasted Chicken with sauce on baking tray
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Save time cleaning after making a roast

Parchment paper sheets aren’t just for baking. You can roast with them too. Here, try it with these roast chicken recipes. Simply slide a sheet into the roasting pan before you begin. You can thank us later!

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Sheet pan with freshly roasted delicata squash on parchment
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Make an easy batch of roasted veggies

Got a craving for roasted veggies but hate the greasy mess you have to deal with after? Simply slide one of your parchment paper sheets onto a baking sheet, and season. There’s no need for added grease or spray, and your veggies won’t stick. This should work for any of these sheet pan dinner recipes too.

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Hot freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are cooling on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
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Never throw away another baking sheet

Who among us hasn’t thrown out a once-favored baking sheet because the baked-on gook and grime seems beyond cleaning? Well, we can tell you how to clean even the most well-worn baking sheet, but we also have the ultimate cheat: always line the baking sheets with parchment paper.

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Tasty cupcake with cream on table
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Decorate a cake or cookies

With parchment paper sheets, you can decorate a cake like a pro without having to deal with a messy reusable piping bag. The rectangular sheets can be easily formed into a cone for piping.

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