10 Ways To Take Stuffed Peppers To a New Level

Updated: May 03, 2024

Here's how to pack even more flavor into your stuffed peppers!

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Turn up the heat

Why not add a Tex-Mex twist to your standard stuffed peppers recipe? Adding some chilies to the mix means that the whole thing will have a little extra kick. Start by cooking ground beef and mixing it with rice and tomatoes and then add some of (as hot as you like!) chilies. Fill the cut bell peppers with the mixture and bake. Here are a few tips for making old-fashioned stuffed bell peppers.

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Yellow pepper stuffed with quinoa and mixed vegetables with green salad
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Ditch the rice!

Your go-to filler is likely rice. But what if you could make this dish even healthier? You can! Getting rid of the rice and switching it for a healthy alternative, such as quinoa, could be the answer. The superfood is not actually a grain but a seed and packs loads of extra nutrients.

Love quinoa? Try these recipes, too!

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Try seafood

Stuffed peppers don’t always need to be filled with ground beef. Try this recipe for a shrimp stuffed pepper filled with a creamy sauce. We like it with a squeeze of fresh lemon on top.

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Delicious stuffed paprika (pepper) specialty.
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Add some mac and cheese

There are few things in life as deliciously tasty as mac and cheese. It’s everybody’s go-to comfort food treat! Forget simply serving this meal in a bowl. Mix things up a little! It’s easy to get right. Put the cheesy pasta into half a bell pepper and top with some cheddar before baking to perfection.

Need a mac and cheese recipe to fill those peppers up? We’ve got you covered.

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Baked red peppers stuffed with eggs and sausage with bread and green beans, close view
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Create a breakfast treat

Looking for a new take on the standard breakfast meal? You may just have found it. Packing your peppers with a bacon and egg combo could be the answer. Mix finely chopped bacon with some rice and fill the peppers to bake. Next, fry an egg and slide it gently on top of the creation. Yummy!

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Try using jalapeño peppers

Typically, when making stuffed peppers, people use bell peppers. However, there is another way to go. Just slice jalapeños in half and they make the perfect boat for whatever filling you have in mind. A classic idea is using cheese sauce topped with (you guessed it!) more cheese and a bit of sausage.

Get the recipe here.

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Use some blue cheese

Sick of using standard cheese? There’s no reason that you can’t think outside the box here. For an extra strong yet delicious flavor, switch your regular cheese for some blue cheese like we did in this recipe. You should find that the pungent taste of this ingredient cuts through the dish. Be sparing with the stuff – it’s seriously flavorsome.

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vegetarian stuffed paprika peppers with breadcrumbs and parsley;
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Top it off with breadcrumbs

For a golden finish, you might want to try topping your stuffed peppers off with some tasty breadcrumbs. This ingredient makes a great (and a little healthier!) alternative to cheese and will give your dish an extra level of crunch! Add the breadcrumb topping just a few minutes before the peppers are fully baked.

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Pack in some extra vegetables

There’s no reason that you can’t stuff one vegetable with another! Rather than using rice or meat for your pepper filling, why not go for a greener approach? Using a healthy combo, such as broccoli and herbs like we did in this stuffed pepper appetizer, could be the way to go. A dish like this one is a great way to get your vitamins!

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Keep things raw and simple

You don’t always have to bake peppers for them to be delicious. Use some raw or brined pimientos instead of cooked bell peppers! You can add any cheese to the center of these vegetables for a truly tasty dish. Try some fresh mozzarella or even some crumbly feta for the best results!

We love this garbanzo-filled recipe though. Super healthy and fresh!