Eat the U.S.: 25 Iconic Regional Foods You Can Order Online

Updated: Mar. 26, 2024

Ready to be transported to your home state? We tapped Taste of Home editors to round up some of the most iconic foods from every region, from the Pacific Northwest and East Coast to the Midwest.

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Lone Star Bee Co Honey On PizzaVIA MERCHANT

We all have that one city (or a few) that share a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s your hometown, college town or a mix of cities you’ve lived in through the years. Whatever it is, we rounded up some of the most iconic foods from every region to order online, courtesy of our Taste of Home editors. They’ll transport you and your tastebuds back to where it all began. Ready, set, eat!

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Bill Es Small Batch Artisan Bacon via merchant

Alabama: Bill-E’s Small Batch Bacon

Bacon-lovers, allow us to turn you onto some of the best bacon the U.S. has to offer. Cured and smoked for eight days, Bill-E’s Small Batch Bacon Shop, which is rated “One of the four best bacons in America,” knows a thing or two about tender and oh-so-savory bacon. Healthy helpings of brown sugar and pink curing salt set it apart from plain ‘ole grocery store bacon.

“Oh my goodness! This is the best bacon ever, straight out of the cutest beach town of Fairhope, Alabama,” raves Senior Shopping Editor, Daria Smith. Enjoy your own dose of bacon heaven by ordering online and stocking your freezer with this savory treat.

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El Charro Mini Chimichangas via merchant

Arizona: El Charro Café

Why travel for some of the country’s best Tex-Mex cuisine when you can have it delivered straight to your door? “As the oldest Mexican restaurant in the U.S., El Charro Cafe in Tucson, Arizona, is known for their carne seca (sundried beef) and their delicious mini chimichangas,” shares Senior Shopping Editor, Cher Checchio. “Chimichangas are essentially a deep-fried burrito and a total staple of Tex-Mex cuisine.” Get these mini versions in red chili beef, chicken chili verde or green chili cheese in the 36 pack.

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Onyx Monarch Coffee via merchant

Arkansas: Onyx Coffee Lab

“Ranked one of Taste of Home‘s favorite coffee shops in the U.S., Onyx Coffee Lab has a pretty impeccable reputation,” says Editor, Lisa Kaminski. “The brand’s coffees are now widely available online and in grocery stores, and everything from the branding to the packaging and taste is outstanding.”

We can’t get enough of Onyx’s Monarch blend. If rich, decadent coffee with caramelized notes and dark chocolate undertones sounds like your cup of tea (er, cup of Joe), let this be the new staple to your coffee routine. It pairs well with these coffee accessories.

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Phils Famous Cioppino via merchant

California: Phil’s Fish Market

A classic NorCal dish, according to Associate Editor, Lesley Balla, the Cioppino at Phil’s Fish Market is one of the next most identifiable foods tied to San Francisco, right next to sourdough bread. “Cioppino is an incredibly delicious stew, and if you’re near Monterey it’s totally what you should be eating up,” adds Lesley. But of course, there’s no need to travel all the way to Monterey to dish on this delicious stew. Have it ordered straight to your door thanks to Goldbelly. Soup’s on!

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Nellie And Joes Famous Key West Lime Juice via merchant

Florida: Nellie & Joe’s Key Lime Juice

Sure, key lime pie is a Florida staple. But the secret ingredient? Nellie & Joe’s Key Lime Juice. “Hands down, this is the only way to make a real key lime pie, no green dye necessary,” raves Associate Editor, Lesley Balla. “When I lived in the Florida Keys, we had a key lime tree in our yard, but it was easier to buy a bottle of Nellie’s for pie (and cocktails!). It makes the best gift for friends and we shipped it often when we lived there. Now it’s available on Amazon so it’s easier to get no matter where you live!”

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Callies Biscuit Pimento Cheese via merchant

Georgia: Callie’s Biscuits Pimento Cheese

Okay, technically Callie’s Biscuits started in Charleston, South Carolina, but it wasn’t until one of our editors moved to Georgia that she really picked up on its widespread Southern influence—and for good reason. “After living in three other states (Florida, Arizona, California), I had never heard of pimento cheese until I moved to Georgia,” shares Senior Shopping Editor, Cher Checchio.

“Everyone here raves about it and they put that stuff on everything! You’ll find it at restaurants, grocery stores and housewarmings all over Atlanta. It’s a cheesy, spicy, southern dream that makes for a great spread on a cracker or biscuit,” raves Cher.

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Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts via merchant

Hawaii: Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts

Until a tropical Hawaiian vacation is within reach, allow this tasty treat to bring the ocean waves to you…even if you’re in the middle of the U.S., like us. “There’s something about being in Hawaii (the ocean, the fresh air, the warm sun) that just makes me want to live my healthiest life!” adds Executive Shopping Editor, Megan Wood.

“Made in Hawaii, Mauna Loa macadamia nuts are a tasty healthy snack that brings a little tropical beach vacation magic home. Think of them as the almonds’ more exciting cousin and add them to a charcuterie board or enjoy straight out of the can while researching flights to Maui.” Treat your tastebuds to all the macadamia nut flavors like Maui onion and garlic or Kiawe smoked barbecue.

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Lou Malnatis Deep Dish Pizza via merchant

Illinois: Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza

I mean, is there anything more true to Illinois than deep-dish pizza? “Deep dish pizza is synonymous with Chicago, and Lou Malnati’s pizza is beloved all over the Chicago suburbs where I grew up,” says Senior Editor, Emily Parulski. “If you’re longing for home, you don’t want New York, St. Louis or Detroit-style pizza. You want deep dish,” adds Emily. Luckily, you don’t have to visit Chicago to indulge in the iconic pie, just order it straight from Goldbelly. Pro tip: Order a few to stock your freezer.

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Thelmas Ice Cream Sandwiches via merchant

Iowa: Thelma’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

Equal parts chewy, crunchy and creamy, Thelma’s Ice Cream Sandwiches are no ordinary frozen dessert. “I fell in love with this ice cream sammy brand in college, and they’re still one of my top-tier treats on a warm summer day,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski. “I love the simplicity of Thelma’s. No crazy flavors. No weird ingredients. Just a classic, oven-fresh cookie with ice cream. All of the flavors are good, but I’m smitten with Sugar Cookie Strawberry.”

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Jack Stack Barbecue via merchant

Kansas: Jack Stack Barbecue

Hailing from Missouri, I’ve eaten my fair share of Midwest barbecue. But nothing comes close to the mouth-watering goodness of Jack Stack. Boasting the most extensive range of meats in Kansas City, there’s something special for every type of barbecue-lover, from burnt ends to hickory barbecue wings. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the cheesy corn bake. My family loves Jack Stack so much that we often gift it to out-of-state loved ones so they can enjoy the Kansas delicacy too.

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Woodford Reserve Bitters Set via merchant

Kentucky: Bourbon Barrel Foods

Are you even from Kentucky if you don’t love bourbon? “Bourbon Barrel Foods is an iconic local store that sells anything and everything related to drinking and eating with bourbon,” says SEO Director, Cassy Richardson. “Personally, I’m obsessed with this bitters set. It lasts a long time and adds so much flavor to any cocktail or mocktail.” If orange, spiced cherry, sorghum and sassafras and aromatic and chocolate bourbon bitters don’t get your mouth watering, we don’t know what will!

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Cafe Du Monde Coffee And Chicory via merchant

Louisiana: Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory

Whether you’re in a coffee rut or just want something different, look no further than Louisiana’s finest. “Cafe Du Monde is based out of New Orleans, and known around the world for two things: Coffee and a beignet,” shares Senior Shopping Editor, Daria Smith. Best served black or au lait, this coffee mix is a Louisiana delicacy. Whip up these beignets to be instantly transported to the iconic southern city.

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Grand Traverse Cherry Crumb Pie via merchant

Michigan: Grand Traverse Pie Company

“I might be biased, but Traverse City has the best cherries,” raves Associate Shopping Editor of Sales and Deals, Emily Way. “They’re so popular in Michigan that there’s even a big Traverse City Cherry Festival to celebrate the sweet, tart fruit. Stopping by the Grand Traverse Pie Company during trips to the Upper Peninsula and picking up a delicious cherry pie is mandatory in my household, so it’s awesome to see the brand available on Goldbelly!”

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Juicy Lucy Burgers via merchant

Minnesota: Juicy Lucy Burgers

With a name like Juicy Lucy, you know a burger isn’t just good—it’s one you won’t be able to stop talking about—at least for Associate Editor, Lauren Pahmeier. “Juicy Lucys are the burger of Minnesota,” adds Lauren.

“No matter how you spell it, a Juicy Lucy is unlike any other regular cheeseburger because the patty is stuffed with cheese. When you take a bite, the molten center spills out. A few other restaurants around town offer cheese-stuffed burgers, like Blue Door Pub or The Nook, where you can find a chorizo burger stuffed with queso blanco (a personal favorite of mine!).” Right on, Minnesota!

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Imos Pizza Toasted Ravioli via merchant

Missouri: Imo’s Toasted Ravioli

I can’t think of two foods more synonymous with my hometown, St. Louis, Missouri, than toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake. But specifically Imo’s Pizza’s toasted ravioli. The crunchy outside combined with the meaty (or cheesy) inside is best served with marinara sauce to dip, and it makes the best afternoon snack. To this day, regular ravioli just won’t cut it in my household—I have to eat it toasted! Trust me, you may never want to eat regular ravioli again after trying this iconic food.

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Taylor Pork Roll via merchant

New Jersey: Taylor Pork Roll

Leave it to New Jersey to inspire a new breakfast tradition: The Taylor Pork Roll. “There’s a famous debate between New Jerseyans: Is it called ‘Taylor ham’ or ‘pork roll?’,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Caitlyn Fitzpatrick.

“Good luck if you find someone who disagrees with you! It’s an argument that will cost you some time. The most common (and arguably best way) to eat Taylor ham, as I call it, is on a bagel or roll with egg and cheese. It’s the ultimate breakfast sandwich that locals love on a Saturday morning. (Bonus points if it’s after a boozy night down the shore.)”

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Juniors Cheesecake via merchant

New York: Junior’s Cheesecake

From its famed pizza to the tastiest bagels of all time (no exceptions), there are a lot of iconic foods that bring us back to New York. But if you’re longing for New York, Junior’s Cheesecake is just the thing to take you back—or treat yourself to just because. “I lived in New York City for 10 years and my Midwest-based family always requested I bring them a Junior’s Cheesecake when I visited them,” says Executive Shopping Editor, Megan Wood.

“The iconic Brooklyn-based diner has been cranking out the same deliciously rich cheesecake recipe for 65 years, with new fruity fillings. I’m back in the Midwest but I still think about Junior’s as the most perfect dessert…and edible New York gift.”

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Bojangles Famous Chicken N Biscuits French Fry Seasoning via merchant

North Carolina: Bojangles Fry Seasoning

A staple of the South, Bojangles is beloved by fried chicken and biscuit lovers across 15 states. And who can resist their perfectly-seasoned fries? “As a child, I spent the bulk of my Sundays eating Chicken Supreme combos and licking fry seasoning off my hands,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Caroline Lubinsky.

“Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know an order of Bojangles fries and a large sweet tea is just the thing to boost my mood.” For when you need a little Southern pick me up, or when you’re craving an order of Bojangles fries, snag their famous french fry seasoning on Amazon.

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Dots Homestyle Pretzels via merchant

North Dakota: Dot’s Pretzels

Walk down any grocery aisle and you’ll likely come across Dot’s Pretzels. The savory seasoning on Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels sets them far above any other salty snack. “Dot’s pretzels are an addicting snack,” says Senior Editor Emily Parulski. “The twisted stick is seasoned with just a bit of heat. My friend introduced them to me a few years ago, and now I cannot stop eating them when I open a bag.” Trust us, they’re the finger-licking snack to eat all season long.

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Graeters Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream via merchant

Ohio: Graeter’s Ice Cream

Every state has that one special local ice cream joint worth writing home about. And for Ohio, it’s Graeter’s Ice Cream. “Graeter’s is a staple for Ohio residents, but the Black Rasberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is truly out of this world for anyone with taste buds,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Caroline Lubinsky. “The chocolate is some of the richest and creamiest I’ve ever tried in a pint of ice cream. Even if you’re thinking, ‘Eh, I don’t really like raspberries in my ice cream,’ you do today.”

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Secret Aardvark Sauce via merchant

Oregon: Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce

If you like to bring the heat into your cooking, allow us to turn you on to some of Oregon’s finest hot sauce. “I first tasted Secret Aardvark on a trip to visit my cousin in Oregon. Hard to believe that a Caribbean slash Tex-Mex fusion sauce got its start at Portland farmer’s markets!” says Executive Shopping Editor, Megan Wood.

“Made with white vinegar, habaneros, roasted tomato, mustard, carrots and onions, Aardvark’s heat and flavor ramps up everything from pizza to guacamole. My cousin still mails me a supply, but I should just order this variety pack on Amazon.”

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Lone Star Bee Co Honey via merchant

Texas: Lone Star Bee Co.

There’s regular local honey, and then there’s Lone Star Bee Company artisan honey. “I love Lone Star Bee Co.’s unique pepper and rosemary honey,” shares Senior Shopping Editor, Daria Smith. “It’s a flavor-packed addition to jazz up any recipe. The unique honey flavors are endless.” We have eyes on the Lime and sea salt honey for rimming our margaritas this summer.

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Runamok Maple Sugarmakers Cut Maple Syrup via merchant

Vermont: Runamok Maple Syrup

Our Test Kitchen taste tests a lot of food in search of the best of the best products in every foodie category, and maple syrup is no exception. As the best Vermont maple syrup named by our Test Kitchen experts, “This Runamok maple syrup is the real deal—no corn syrup, no weird added ingredients—just plain ol’ Vermont maple,” says Editor, Lisa Kaminski. “It’s delicious and cozy. I use it on pancakes and in baking, but I especially enjoy adding a splash to my coffee!”

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Piroshky Piroshky Chocolate Hazelnut Piroshky via merchant

Washington: Piroshky Piroshky

With lines that wrap around the sidewalk on any given day at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Piroshky Piroshky deserves a spot in your heart (and stomach) whether you’re missing the Pacific Northwest or want to try something warm and savory. “These Eastern European hand pies are stuffed with sweet or savory filling, and every single one is absolutely dynamite,” says Associate Editor, Lesley Balla. BRB we’re ordering the chocolate hazelnut piroshky immediately.

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Milwaukee Pretzel Company Pretzel via merchant

Wisconsin: Milwaukee Pretzel Company

We may be biased, but you can’t visit or familiarize yourself with Milwaukee without trying Milwaukee Pretzel Company. “Beer garden season is so much better when these massive (and I mean massive) soft pretzels are on the menu,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski. “My family enjoys them with mustard, cheese dip and, in typical Wisconsin fashion, beer-boiled brats.”