Charcuterie Board 

How to Build a

A perfectly arranged spread of meat, cheese, crackers and condiments is irresistible at any gathering. Here's everything you need to know!


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What is charcuterie?

"Charcuterie" is a French word referring to a shop that specializes in prepared meats, and the cured, preserved and dried meats sold in the shop.

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Tools  You'll Need

- Serving board - Cheese knives - Small bowls    (try different sizes    to add variation!)

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1. Start with        cheese

Pull cheese from the fridge an hour ahead so the flavors shine.

Include cheeses with different flavors and textures.

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2. Add bowls      & greenery

Fill the bowls with cheese spreads, olives or red peppers.

Choose food-safe greenery,  like lemon or grape leaves.

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3. Pile on meats

Try folding the slices in different ways to add visual interest, texture and height.

Include a variety of meats, like prosciutto and different sausages.

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4. Add crackers      & condiments

When placing, consider the flavors that'll pair well.

Go for sweet and savory flavor combos here.

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5. Fill in gaps      with fruit

This will add balance and sweetness to your board.

Use any fruit you've got; fresh and dried work equally well.

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6. Add pickles      and nuts

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You're almost done! Finish it off with savory bits and bobs.

Don't forget the serving utentils!

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