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How to Cook Chicken: 10 Essential Methods

Whether you're in a rush or feeling fancy, chicken always saves the day. These 10 ways to cook chicken will keep your favorite meat right where it belongs: at the top of the recipe stack.

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RoastedTaste of Home


Also known as baked chicken, this technique is about as classic as it gets. Gather up your favorite seasonings and let your oven do the work for you. Yum!

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BarbecuedTaste of Home


A barbecue is never a bad idea, and for good reason. This slow-cooking, closed-lid method (famously paired with irresistible sauces) makes for an amazing flavor that keeps us coming back again and again.

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Grilling is all about the heat. As opposed to barbecue, when you grill chicken, the lid should stay open. Also, you’ll want to cook the bird over direct heat. Say hello to beautiful grill marks!

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FriedTaste of Home


The savory flavor of fried chicken goes unparalleled. The savory combination of crispy skin and tender, juicy meat hits all the right notes. Nervous to try it at home? Homemade fried chicken is easier than you’d think!

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Also called ‘pot roasting,’ this tasty method combines dry and wet heat for amazing texture. Step one: sear. Step two: simmer. Step three: enjoy.

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Stir-FryTaste of Home


This quick, hot method of cooking helps seal in the meat’s flavor and preserve its texture. Not to mention it makes the house smell amazing.

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StewedTaste of Home


Stewed chicken is great for busy days, or when you just want something warm and cozy. This slow-cooked method takes hours to cook, keeping the chicken tender without losing any of its great flavors.

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PoachedTaste of Home


This simple method for cooking chicken tastes great, and is good for you, too! Unlike other methods, poaching doesn’t use fat to cook or flavor the chicken, leaving it nice and lean for a guilt-free meal.

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BroiledTaste of Home


For the colder months, broiling is a lot like grilling. Instead of the heat coming from under the meat, though, it comes from above it, cooking the chicken from the top down in all its tasty goodness

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