8 Unexpected Kitchen Items You Should Buy at Joann Fabrics

Updated: Dec. 20, 2023

Joann Fabrics has a few treasures you'll want to pick up for your kitchen.

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Colorful baking supplies on display at a craft store, including food coloring and sprinkles
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While you may be familiar with this craft store for its behemoth selection of knitting and sewing supplies, Joann is a smart place to find baking and cooking tools, too. It’s kind of like a restaurant supply store, but strictly for convenient kitchen utensils! Check out these kitchen-meets-craft-corner favorites on your next trip. 

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Clay pot with ghee under cheesecloth on light wooden table.
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Looking for cheesecloth to strain your own yogurt or stock (you’ll want it for this tasty beef stock)? There’s no need to splurge at your local kitchen shop—instead head to Joann where you fan find it at about a third of the price!

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Empty canning jars await use on a wooden table
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Mason jars

We loved Mason jars before they became such a trend! After all, this pantry staple is a must-have for making homemade jam! But these jars are also perfect for packing single-serve salads and for organizing odds and ends in the kitchen. Grab these jars in all sizes and colors at your local Joann.

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bowl of chili, tomato and garlic sauce on black stone
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With a whole aisle dedicated to brushes, you can find the right brush (and pricepoint) for every job—from buttering up a turkey to adding an egg wash to pastry.

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Pink cake pops wrapped;
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Craft sticks

Cake pops, frozen pops, Rice Krispie pops— they all need something to hang onto. And you can find them by the bushel at a craft store. Plus, you can use your extras as markers for your herb garden or fancy party cheese plate.

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Cutlery in wicker basket on shelf;
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Storage solutions

There’s a basket for every storage need and budget at Joann. Pretty and practical, baskets can help you create the pantry of your dreams. For those who love to organize, Joann offers infinite possibilities for color coding and labeling.

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Bon appetit written on chalkboard in the kitchen.
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Signs and chalkboards

Having a (socially distanced) get-together, and you want to label what’s what on the buffet (like these appetizers)? Pick up a few small chalkboards to label your creations (and save yourself from explaining your favorite recipes every time someone goes through the line). Joann also offers larger blackboards and whiteboards, perfect for shopping lists and menus.

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mock up pages of the cookbook on the table top with kitchen decor
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Cookbook stand

Love to cook, but hate the thought of your favorite cookbook getting covered in butter, batter and all things gooey? Invest in a simple easel at Joann (by the painting supplies) to keep your book or tablet out of the way.

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A closeup photo of metal frosting tips;
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Cake decorating supplies

Joann hosts aisles full of baking pans and cake decorating tools from the practical to the whimsical. You can find everything from standard muffin pans to novelty baking pans for making fun shaped cakes! Oh, and if it’s your first time, here are our go-to tips on how to decorate a cake.