Ina Garten’s Best Tips for Entertaining

Here are Ina Garten's best tips for gatherings that will leave your guests happy, and eagerly anticipating your next invite.

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Table with rose centerpieces
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“Flowers in the center of a table always anchor the setting.”

When choosing and assembling flowers for a table centerpiece, add in pops of color with greenery and a few flowers in a contrasting color. Or for a big impact, get a large bunch of one stunning flower (think roses, sunflowers or hydrangeas) and arrange them down the table or across the space in small glasses. Go above and beyond by creating an edible centerpiece that’s waaay cheaper than the kind you’d order.

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Thanksgiving dinner table set-up
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“Good organization is invaluable”

This is true whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner for 20 or a cocktail party for a few friends. A week or two ahead, lay out the linens, plates, utensils and serving dishes you will need for the party. Know in advance that you will have all the dishes, the chairs and the space you need for your guests and food.

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man toasting speech at friends outdoor garden party with wine drinks
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“Plan a menu with food that’s fun to eat and in a place that’s fun to be.”

Entertaining doesn’t have to mean fussy food or be in the most formal room of your house. Arrange a casual get-together to grill in your backyard, play board games or have a clambake at the beach. Offer food that is delicious yet simple—and invite guests into the kitchen to help and have fun!

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Multiple appetizers made by Ina Garten
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“Appetizers…no cooking required!”

Offer finger foods like cut veggies, really good cheese with crackers, dried or fresh fruit, bowls of nuts, and chips with dip. These no-cook appetizers are easy for you to prep and easy for your guests to enjoy while holding drinks, chatting together or playing games.

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Crowd-pleasing dip and chips
Ina Garten via Facebook

“I cook my best crowd-pleasing dishes!”

While it’s fun to try out new recipes on your guests don’t underestimate the appeal of classic crowd pleasers. Tried-and-true party foods include homemade onion dip, shrimp cocktail and make-your-own pizzas. Or host a spaghetti night with plenty of garlic bread—a simple, comforting dinner that guests of all ages will love.

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Person pouring drinks into cocktail glasses
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“Set up a self-service bar so everyone can mix their cocktails exactly the way they like them.”

Avoid the stress that can come with a cocktail party by setting up a drink station with everything your guests need to fix themselves a beverage. You can even choose a signature cocktail for your party with a printed recipe on the bar station for reference.

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Tomatoes and Burrata
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“Instead of cooking on a hot summer day, I just assemble this salad!”

Summer dinners and gatherings don’t always need to include a barbecue. Take advantage of the bounty and color of summer by serving dishes like sliced tomatoes with mozzarella and balsamic vinaigrette. Or try big bowls of spicy gazpacho with a crusty bread on the side. Here’s what to eat when it’s too hot outside to cook.

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Dinner spread of a large piece of meat, salad, and stack of cornbread
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“Season the meat, put it in the oven for 6-8 hours, and forget about it until dinnertime.”

In cooler weather, make a stress-free dinner for your guests that you don’t even need to think about! Slow-roasted meats made in the oven or slow cooker will be hearty and satisfying. Served with some drinks and bread, it’ll be the easiest dinner party yet!

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No-cook Gazpacho
Ina Garten via Facebook

“For a late dinner… I need something I can prepare really fast!”

For times when you go out with friends for drinks or to a show and then come back for a late dinner, prepare something quick that will get you in and out of the kitchen quick!

These quick dinners can be tossed together fast!

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young happy people company have fun together
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“The most important thing about giving parties is to stay very, very cool.”

Your guests want to enjoy themselves, and they can’t do that if you are stressed! Give yourself plenty of time to get ready, and choose dishes that will leave you with time to spend with your guests. Remember to smile and have fun, after all this is your party!

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