How to Make Gorgeous Fruit Flowers for a DIY Edible Arrangement

We've all seen some gorgeous edible arrangements in our day, but did you know that making fruit flowers at home is super simple! Find out how we made this fruit decoration—no fancy tools required.

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Ever seen one of those elegant edible arrangements and thought I should be able to do that? I definitely have. After all, those fruit centerpieces are just slices of melon, some strawberries and a few skewers. But once I start looking into the assembly of a truly eye-catching display, I wonder how exactly I could put one all together.

Lucky for me and you, the Taste of Home Test Kitchen is here to break the whole process down. Check out how you can make and arrange a gorgeous fruit decoration at home—no special supplies needed!

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The supplies

Before you begin, you’ll want to gather up some basic supplies. With just a few ingredients and some extras, you’ll be able to make several kinds of flowers for a really pretty fruit decoration. You’ll need:

  • Melon (honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon all work!)
  • Pineapple
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate for melting
  • Bamboo skewers and toothpicks
  • Flower-shaped cookie cutters
  • Floral foam
  • Greenery
  • A vase, pitcher or another container for displaying it all

Editor’s tip: For an extra-special treat, follow these steps for how to make a cookie bouquet. You could even try mixing your fruit flowers in with the cookie flowers.

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Make strawberry “roses”

One of the easiest flowers for your homemade edible arrangement comes in the form of strawberry “roses.” To make these simple yet stunning flowers, simply slide the stem end of the strawberry onto a bamboo skewer.

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Level up

If you want to make your fruit arrangement just a bit more indulgent, don’t stop with just strawberries! Why not give them a dip in some creamy chocolate? With the berry already on the skewer, you can just dip them into the melted chocolate of your choosing. To make the process super easy, we used this Wilton melting pot.

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Making melon and pineapple daisies

Now, with your beautiful strawberries made, you can move on to making melon and pineapple daisies, tulips and all sorts of beautiful blooms.

To do this, you’ll want to cut each of these fruits into slabs about one half to one inch thick. Then using flower-shaped cookie cutters of all sizes, press down and cut out the shapes. Be sure to include some larger and much smaller flowers—you’ll want to stack them together to make two-tone blooms in the next step.

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Assembling the flowers

To make these flowers stand upright, grab some toothpicks and bamboo skewers.

For a simple, one-color flower, simply insert the skewer into the base of your fruit shape. Done!

If you want to make your flower multi-colored, start by stacking a small flower on top of a larger cutout. Then take a toothpick and skewer the two shapes together from the back (that way you don’t see the toothpick in the front). When you feel good about your combination, just insert the bamboo skewer. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to two cutouts, either. Feel free to skewer a blueberry into the center of a flower too for a daisy effect.

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Make your flowers even more fab

Of course, this assortment of fruity flowers are gorgeous enough on their own, but you can make them just a bit more gorgeous with a simple addition: grapes! Just thread grapes onto any stem to give it a bit more color and to add more fruit to this pretty fruit decoration.

These edible flowers are going to be soooo good dunked in fruit dip.

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Prepare your container

With all your fruit flowers ready, you need to prepare your vase for the arrangement. All you need to do to prep is to cut a block of floral foam to fit inside your vase (or pitcher or whatever you choose). This foam will help keep all your flowers upright and looking good.

Floral foam is super soft, so all you need to cut it is a regular kitchen knife.

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Start arranging

All that’s left to do is to start arranging your flowers for this fruit centerpiece. Start with your bigger daisies and tulips and then fill in with your smaller blooms and strawberry roses. Don’t worry if you still see some floral foam or if there are a few bare patches—we’ll take care of that in the next step.

Use these arranging tips from pro florists.

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Put on the finishing touches

To really give this fruit centerpiece life, you can fill in any bare spots with some real greens. A small bunch of lemon leaves or eucalyptus from your local florist or grocery store floral department should be more than enough for putting the finishing touches on this edible arrangement. Simply trim your greenery with kitchen shears and fill in around the base of your decoration.

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