50 Family Christmas Gift Ideas the Whole Crew Will Love

Need a big gift for the whole gang for this holiday season? These family Christmas gifts are sure to please.

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Matching Christmas PajamasVIA MERCHANT

Sure, you could get Mom one of the best gifts for her and Dad one of the best gifts for him. Then, you could spend hours trying to decide gifts for each kid or the perfect Secret Santa gift . Or, you could give a family gift and check off everyone on your list with one quick “add to cart.”

Not only are family Christmas gifts more convenient for you but they’re also a great way to get the whole fam together making memories. Whether they’re baking homemade pizzas on a Friday night, roasting s’mores around a fire pit or scream-singing songs during a karaoke sesh, there’s something about a gift that everyone can enjoy that makes it that much more special.

To help you find something for the whole crew, we’ve rounded up the best family Christmas gift ideas, from the thoughtful and sentimental to the outside-the-box and silly. Although some of the obvious picks made our list (we couldn’t leave out matching holiday pajamas!), we also scoured the internet for hidden gems, such as a Bluetooth karaoke microphone, personalized family celebrations calendar and craft subscription box.

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Charcuterie Board

For the Entertainers: Boarderie Charcuterie Board

Over-the-top meat and cheese boards are all the rage these days, and Boarderie’s offerings are a big enough gift to feed everyone in the family. Although you could put together your own with these charcuterie board ideas, Boarderie does the work for you. The company has a huge selection of curated spreads, including an all-Brie board and a holiday-themed board that make beautiful family Christmas gifts.

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Digital Calender

For the Organizers: Skylight Family Calendar

Juggling softball games, dance recitals, work meetings and school field trips can get overwhelming fast. The Skylight family calendar helps everyone stay organized (and sane) by syncing various scheduling apps, including Apple and Google calendars, Gmail and Outlook. It allows you to make custom lists, meal-planning and create chore charts. The best part? Any member of the family can access it anywhere.

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Cuisinart 3-in-1 Countertop Pizza Oven
TMB Studio

For the Pizza People: Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ordering takeout ‘za is great when you’re on a time crunch, but it really doesn’t compare to a scratch-made pizza fresh from the oven. With this popular Cuisinart pizza oven, the fam can enjoy homemade pies in minutes, without leaving the backyard or waiting for delivery. It’s big enough for 12-inch pizzas, plus it has a built-in griddle and grill for cooking up other delicacies. Our Test Kitchen pros love this model!

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Davids Cookies Assorted Flavors
via merchant

For the Dessert Lovers: Cookie of the Month Club

Gift them something to look forward to all winter long with a cookie of the month club from David’s Cookies. Choose from a three-, six-, nine- or 12-month subscription. Every month, they’ll score a one-pound signature cookie tin featuring a new surprise flavor. Talk about sweet family Christmas gifts! It’s one of our favorite gift of the month clubs.

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For the Streamers: Home Theater Projector

Get the movie theater experience without the overpriced tickets or crowds with this home video projector. With crystal-clear image quality and vivid colors, it can project videos up to 18 feet in size and easily connects to your smartphone or laptop for fast streaming from Netflix, Hulu or Disney+. Grab the fam and a few snacks and curl up on the couch; you’ll feel like you’re sitting front row.

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Holiday Hot Chocolate Tin Collection
via merchant

For the Chocolate Lovers: Hot Cocoa Gift Set

Struggling to shop for family Christmas gifts? The holiday season is the best time to send a hot chocolate gift set. We love this holiday tin hot chocolate set for its adorable packaging and festive flavors including Belgian white chocolate, peppermint, milk chocolate and caramel. Family movie night has never felt cozier!

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The Travel Keepsake Library
via merchant

For the Jet Setters: Travel Keepsake Library

For the family who’s constantly embarking on the ultimate vacation, gift them a sentimental keepsake library to help them keep track of everywhere they’ve traveled. The library includes a mix of slots to hold souvenirs, tickets, maps and any other travel trinkets that could easily go missing. Their beloved memories of traveling as a family stay organized in this fun filing system they can open up and reminisce on for years to come.

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Chocolate Fondue
via merchant

For the Fancy Home Cooks: Electric Fondue Pot

Chocolate is good, but melted chocolate is even better. They can use this fondue pot to dip marshmallows, pretzel sticks, fruit and more for a truly delectable dessert. Get started with our best fondue recipes.

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Personalized Cornhole Sets
via merchant

For the Cornhole Crowd: Personalized Cornhole Boards

It’s game on at the next cookout. You’ll score big with the whole family thanks to these personalized cornhole boards that come with colorful bean bags. Bonus points: No athleticism required!

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Rainbow Bagel Making Kit
via merchant

For the Breakfast Club: Rainbow Bagel Kit

“Waiting in line for bagels is fun!” said no one ever. You know what is fun? Making rainbow bagels at home, which the crew can now do with this colorful rainbow bagel kit.

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The Family Adventure Challenge Book
via merchant

For the Adventurers: Adventure Challenge Family Book

This unique book holds dozens of family-friendly adventures that they have to scratch off to reveal, so it’s a surprise each time. There’s space to journal and add a photo to document each activity they complete.

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Holiday Sweet And Savory Duo
via merchant

For Foodies: Holiday Sweet and Savory Duo

When in doubt, Harry & David gift baskets make show-stopping family Christmas gifts. Our pick this holiday season is the sweet and savory duo. Packed with their iconic Moose Munch popcorn, shortbread cookies, charcuterie essentials and chocolate truffles to name a few, there’s truly something for everyone. Trust us, this gift basket won’t last long after Christmas day.

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Vintage National Parks Puzzle
via merchant

For the Outdoorsy Fam: National Parks Puzzle

We all know a family with a goal to visit every (or let’s be realistic, most) U.S. National Park. For an affordable yet thoughtful gift, snag this National Parks Puzzle. Packed with 1,000-pieces, it offers plenty of fun for the whole family to enjoy together while they plan their next vacation. Plus, it doubles as artwork when it’s complete.

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Burger with onion rings and beer

For the Carnivores: Omaha Steaks Box

Even the picky ones will be excited when they sit down at the dinner table and find a juicy steak. Treat the whole family with the Omaha Steaks Butcher’s Best Assortment. Along with thick-top sirloins, they’ll also receive boneless chicken breasts, pork chops, steak burgers and jumbo franks. It’s one of our favorite meat delivery services, so we highly recommend Omaha Steaks for family Christmas gifts.

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Nostalgia Snow Cone Shaved Ice Machine
via merchant

For the Summer Squad: Snow Cone Machine

Sure, it might be a bit chilly to break out the icy treats, but this snow cone machine certainly gives families something to look forward to this summer—especially if backyard entertaining is their love language. The nostalgic design is guaranteed to be a party pleaser and fun summer tradition everyone can enjoy.

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Conversation Starters

For the Chatty Cathys: Conversation Starters

Make family dinnertime a little more fun—and a lot livelier—with this box of kid-friendly conversation starters. Inside are 141 “outrageous” questions to get the convo flowing. Topics include what food you’d eat for the rest of your life if you had to pick one or what three existing animals you would combine to create a new one. The package is small enough to take on vacation or long car rides.

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Ninja Creami

For the Ice Cream Lovers: Ninja Creami Breeze

The Ninja Creami is the trendy appliance taking the internet by storm, and as such, it’s sold out pretty much everywhere. Fortunately, you can still get your hands on the Ninja Creami Breeze, which is a 7-in-1 ice cream maker that churns out milkshakes, smoothie bowls, gelato and more. Everyone in the family will love how easy it is to use. Our editors put this machine to the test in our Ninja Creami review.

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AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden

For the Gardeners: AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden

The AeroGarden indoor herb garden, which comes with a planter and LED grow light, is one fresh gift—literally. You can choose from a variety of seed blends, including gourmet herbs and salad greens. According to the website, the AeroGarden can grow herbs up to five times faster than soil, so your giftees will be harvesting basil and thyme in, well, no time. It ranks right up there with these other best gifts for gardeners.

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Toh We Tried It The Big Blanket
Madi Koetting/Taste Of Home

For the Homebodies: Big Blanket

There are big blankets and then there’s the Big Blanket. Measuring 10 feet by 10 feet, it’s the best blanket for a family of four to snuggle up together on the couch. It’s made of a super soft and stretchy material that’s both lightweight and cozy at the same time, so no one will get too hot or too cold. Check out the variety of colors and prints, including plaids and stars.

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Toh We Tried It Popcorn Machine

For the Film Critics: Popcorn Cart

No movie night is truly complete without a bucket of buttery popcorn. Although you could make it in the microwave or on the stove, it’s a million times more fun to make the treat in this old-fashioned popcorn cart that you’d expect to find at a historic movie theater. It pops up to 32 cups of popcorn in a single go—more than enough for the whole crew to enjoy.

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Digital Picture Frame
via merchant

For the Photo-Loving Fam: Digital Picture Frame

Help them showcase their favorite memories—both new and old—without having to take a trip to the photo store. This digital picture frame displays all of their favorite pictures in one place. All they have to do is upload their photos to the Aura app, and the frame creates a slideshow for the whole family to enjoy. Pro tip: a digital picture frame makes a fabulous gift for grandma or grandpa as others can upload photos to display in their home.

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Personalized Hand Hooked Pillow
via merchant

For the Cabin Crew: Personalized Hand Hooked Pillow

If their favorite past time is vacations to the family cabin, this hand hooked pillow ensures they always have a piece of their all time favorite place at home with them. Personalize it with their last name for an extra special touch. Bonus: this pillow comes in several more designs ready to be personalized, including coastal-, ski-, holiday-, sport-, and pet-themed options.

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Toh We Tried It Revolution Toaster

For Busy Bees: Touchscreen Toaster

Breakfast on the go doesn’t have to be boring. And with this tricked out touchscreen toaster, breakfast isn’t just quick—it’s toasted to perfection. We tried it for our Revolution Toaster review and love the customized settings for perfectly browned English muffins, toaster pastries, bagels and waffles every. single. time. Plus, it’s easy for little fingers to simply add their breakfast, select their item and wait for their toasty creations.

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Family Celebrations Calendar

For the Extended Family: Family Celebrations Calendar

They’ll never forget another birthday or anniversary with this personalized family calendar. The wood sign comes in four gorgeous colors—chestnut, walnut, black and merlot—and can be engraved with the lettering and message of your choice. Hang custom wooden tags to the bottom of each month as a reminder of every birthday or special date. There are even dog- and cat-shaped tags for your furry friends.

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Coffee Mugs

For the Coffee Drinkers: Personalized Family Mugs

With a set of these adorable custom family mugs, everyone will get their own special cup for sipping coffee, hot cocoa or tea. Each mug features your family name, along with a character designed to look like each member. They also include first names so there’s no mistaking whose is whose.

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Personalized Yeti Cooler
via merchant

For the Tailgaters: Custom Cooler

If you know sports fans who show up hours before game time to tailgate, then a Yeti cooler, emblazoned with their favorite team’s logo, is the accessory they’ve been missing. Regardless of the score, they’ve already won with this gift. This is also a great gift for boyfriends.

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For the Smoothie Kings (and Queens): Magic Bullet Blender

Whether Mom needs a quick green smoothie in the morning or Sally wants a celebratory milkshake after the game, the Magic Bullet blender can do it all. Along with the obvious, this multi-functional blender can also grate cheese, grind coffee beans, chop and dice veggies, and puree fruit. Any family is sure to get a lot of use out of this bad boy.

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Personalized Four Across Game
via merchant

For the Indoor Gamers: Personalized Four-Across Game

Extreme winter weather calls for having some fun indoors, and what better way to inspire their new tradition than with a personalized four-across game? Not only is it customized with the family’s last name, you can choose the shapes and cutouts based on their favorite hobbies.

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Walkie Talkies Via Amazon
via merchant

For the Family Who Likes to Stay in Touch: Walkie Talkie Set

Smartphones keep the family—especially the teenagers—in touch via texting, but walkie talkies make it fun to actually, well, talk. Whether they use them around the house or keep them at the ready for when they’re playing at the park or campground, your loved one’s voice is just a click away.

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Pasta and Noodle Maker

For the Foodies: Philips Pasta Maker

Why settle for boxed pasta when you can make your own from scratch? With this pasta maker, all you have to do is add your ingredients, press a button and voila! You’ll have homemade penne, spaghetti or linguine in minutes. There’s no kneading or mixing required on your part. You can even use the machine for cookies or pizza dough.

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Beach Towel

For the Beach Bums: Personalized Beach Towels

They’ll always be ready for saltwater and sand with these personalized towels on hand. Add their names or initials so there’s no doubt whose is whose on the dock or shore.

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Cutting Board

For the Home Chefs: Custom Cutting Board

Although there are plenty of great cutting boards out there, few compare to this personalized cutting board from Mark and Graham. Available in large and oversized options, it’s made of solid bamboo that’s both stylish and durable. You can choose the lettering as well as the handles, with styles including antlers, baseball bats and Christmas trees.

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Solo stove

For the Campers: Solo Stove Tabletop Fire Pit

Fun fact: You don’t need a huge backyard or secluded spot in the woods to get the camping experience. With the Solo Stove Mesa, you can have a bite-sized campfire almost anywhere. The smokeless tabletop fire pit is just over 6 inches tall and runs on either pellets or wood. Kick back and enjoy the flickering ambiance, roast s’mores or whip up a campfire meal.

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For the Nostalgic Ones: Custom Family Recipe Book

Every family has those special recipes that are passed down through generations. Maybe it’s Grandma’s mashed potatoes you look forward to every Thanksgiving or Dad’s famous chocolate chip cookies that no one else can seem to re-create. They can store all their family’s secret recipes in a custom cookbook. There are plenty of designs and styles from which to choose, and they can even add their own photos.

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For the Artists: Telestrations

Imagine a game that’s part Pictionary and part Telephone. You’d get Telestrations! One of the most fun party games out there, it provides hours of entertainment for families of all ages. You draw your secret word or phrase, then pass your booklet to the next person, who guesses what you drew. Everyone continues passing their books around until it’s time to reveal the final sketches. The results are hilariously ridiculous.

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Toh We Tried It Toh Sugarwish2

For the Snackers: Snack Pack Care Package

Sometimes there’s no fighting a snack attack—you just have to give in. A Sugarwish care package is chock-full of sweet and savory treats to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Plus, thanks to the pick-your-own snack model, every family member can grab their favorite. Read our Sugarwish review to get the full scoop. Bonus: Here are more Christmas care packages to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

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Karaoke Mic

For the Performers: Karaoke Microphone

A sister who sings throwback Justin Bieber in the shower, a toddler who can’t get enough of Baby Shark and a dad who belts Jimmy Buffett on the regular can all show off their vocal talents with this Bluetooth karaoke microphone. Available in 13 colors, it connects easily to your phone and has fantastic sound quality. Because it’s wireless, you can take it anywhere and everywhere.

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Matching Christmas Pajamas Via Hannaanderson
via merchant

For the Sleepover Squad: Matching Family Pajamas

Comfy pajamas are even cuter when the whole family is in on the fun. These matching pajamas will make it clear who’s part of their holiday squad. Choose from an array of patterns, sizes and PJ styles.

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Snowflake Waffle Maker

For the Brunch Bunch: Snowflake Waffle Maker

Any of these homemade waffle recipes are delicious, but they’d taste even better in the shape of a snowflake on a cold winter morning. Enter: this mini snowflake waffle maker. It heats up quickly and has a nonstick surface to ensure your 4-inch treats come out with perfect, golden edges. Don’t miss our full review of the Dash mini waffle maker.

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Personalized Family Member Signpost
via merchant

For the Far-Flung Family: Personalized Family Signpost

Tight-knit family members might not live under the same roof. This personalized signpost will make those distant relatives feel a bit closer. The hand-painted arrows are meant to signify each loved one’s distance and direction from home base.

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Monogrammed Door Mat Via Ruggable
via merchant

For the Hosts: Monogrammed Doormat

If you’re looking for a gift that’s as thoughtful as it is functional, a monogrammed doormat fits the bill. This version is perfect for a crew with a modern design sense. The bold color and geometric pattern make a statement. What’s even more impressive is that it’s machine-washable!

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Different Meats

For the Barbecuers: Lewis BBQ Meat Sampler

This hefty box of meat from Lewis Barbecue serves up to 44 people. That’s the whole dang gang! In the shipment, you’ll find sausages, spare ribs, beef ribs, pork butt, brisket, turkey breast and a multi-bottle sauce set. Napkins are not included!

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Family Pickle Ball Set
via merchant

For the Athletes: Family Pickleball Set

You won’t be in a gift-giving pickle any longer with this colorful pickleball set. It’s perfect for the brother who loves to partake in a bit of friendly—or fierce—sibling rivalry around the holidays.

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Cabana Pool Float
via merchant

For the Pool Boys & Girls: Cabana Pool Float

The family that swims together floats together. This luxurious pool float, complete with cover from the sun, will have them ready to make a splash when pool and lake season comes around. They’ll be the coolest bunch at the lake!

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We Craft Box
via merchant

For the DIYers: Subscription Craft Box

Crafts are a great way for families to come together to create something silly, fun, beautiful or all three. This craft subscription box puts all the supplies in their hands and their imaginations. Parents of little ones will especially like having activities at the ready while school is on pause for the holidays.

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Laser Tag Set
via merchant

For the Kids & Kids at Heart: Laser Tag

Some families possess far too much energy to sit down for board games or puzzles. Harness that liveliness with a game of laser tag that they can play at home. Competitive family members of all ages can get in on the fun, too.

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Doughnuts in tray

For the Doughnut Devotees: Doughnut Mix & Pan Set

What’s better than a doughnut run? Doughnuts, sans running of any kind. This doughnut kit contains multiple mixes and a specialty doughnut pan so you can enjoy the beloved breakfast sweet right in your kitchen.

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Buddha Painting Board
via merchant

For the Creatives: Buddha Board

The Buddha Board allows you to create artwork with just a wet brush. As it dries and fades away, it gives another artistic family member a chance to create a temporary masterpiece. Pass it off to kids for a fun, mess-free craft project.

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Picnic Basket
via merchant

For the Picnickers: Picnic Backpack

Picnics are meant to be casual, but there’s a lot of packing and prep work to pull off one. This picnic backpack, with cutlery and plates, takes some of the work out of the equation so they can focus on food and fun.

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Personalized Garden Sign
via merchant

For the Green Thumbs: Personalized Garden Sign

Know a crew whose yard work is a family affair? This personalized garden sign provides a sophisticated accent for their lawn or garden.

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