10 Old-Timey Treats You’ll Want to Order From Cracker Barrel’s Online Store

From coffee to corn muffins, you can enjoy the taste of your Cracker Barrel favorites wherever you are.

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores are near freeway exits throughout the USA.
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Confession: We love Cracker Barrel. We dream about their cozy restaurant, fun general store and cozy breakfasts all the time. But we can’t visit all the time. Enter the chain’s new online store. You can get the tastes of Cracker Barrel all the time with their new items.

However, there is one contest allowing people to win free Cracker Barrel for a year. Get more Cracker Barrel at home with these copycat recipes.

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Cracker Barrel Biscuit and Dumpling Mix
Cracker Barrel

Biscuit and dumpling mix

Whip up some Southern charm that’s sure to please a crowd with Cracker Barrel’s biscuit and dumpling mix. Serve the biscuits with this hearty pork sausage gravy for a classic pairing, or try the dumplings as part of a savory chicken and dumpling casserole.

Get the mix for just $4.99 right here.

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Cracker Barrel Peanut Brittle
Cracker Barrel

Peanut brittle

You’ll no doubt want to eat this right from the package. But if you can resist, you can make it super-special. Use it to top these giant peanut brittle cookies—they’re favorites anytime.

Shop for their peanut brittle.

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Cherry Cobbler Filling
Cracker Barrel

Cherry cobbler filling

End your next meal with this easy, sweet treat. Use the recipe on the back of this cherry cobbler filling to recreate the dessert they serve at Cracker Barrel. Or, replace the filling in this easy cherry cobbler for a dessert that will be gobbled up in no time.

Find the filling here.

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Cracker Barrel Coffee - Regular
Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel coffee

Start your day—or fight your afternoon slump—with a cup of this good, old-fashioned coffee. It’s the same coffee that’s served in the store. Didn’t finish the pot? Don’t waste what’s left—use it to whip up these coffee dessert recipes.

Get Cracker Barrel coffee here.

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Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer
Cracker Barrel

Dang! butterscotch root beer

Fill a tall, frosty glass with the sweet taste of sassafras found in Dang! butterscotch root ber. While you’re sipping, you can prepare these root beer cupcakes—this root beer will add a hint of butterscotch to their sweet, spice-cake flavor. Or go classic and add it to a root beer float!

Get this dang good soda here.

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Pure Natural Pancake Syrup
Cracker Barrel

Pure natural pancake syrup

Treat yourself to a special weekend breakfast. How about fresh made pancakes, or maybe a fun take on French toast? Drizzled over the top with Cracker Barrel’s pancake syrup, you’ll have absolute perfection.

Shop for the syrup.

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Spiced Apple Butter
Cracker Barrel

Spiced apple butter

Add a little variety to a quick weekday breakfast by spreading this spiced apple butter on your toast or English muffin. Or, create a company-worthy dessert by serving it over this cream cheese ice cream.

Get a jar of apple butter online here.

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Cracker Barrel Corn Muffin Mix
Cracker Barrel

Corn muffin mix

Corn muffins are a Cracker Barrel favorite, and you can get the same delicious flavor at home with their signature corn muffin mix. Pair it with your favorite chili for a can’t-beat-it combination.

Mix up a batch with this mix.

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Half Sugar Cured Ham
Cracker Barrel

Half sugar-cured ham

This slow-cooked, lightly smoked half sugar-cured ham is sure to delight your guests at your next holiday meal or family celebration. Got leftovers? No need to simply reheat and eat. Try one (or more) of these 54 recipes that use leftover ham.

Get the ham right here.

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Chow Chow Relish
Cracker Barrel

Chow chow relish

Traditionally, this sweet, pickled relish was made at the end of the harvest, to preserve the vegetables that wouldn’t be eaten fresh. Now, scoop chow-chow relish straight from the jar onto corn dogs, add it to your favorite potato salad, or mix it in with your deviled eggs (we’ve got some devilishly good recipes right here).

Get your chow chow fix here.

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