10 Berry Tools to Help Make the Most of Your Harvest

Visiting the strawberry patch or farmers market this year? Make your berries last longer and taste even better with these product picks.

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Produce Keepers

Don’t let your berries go bad. This genius storage container uses carbon filters to keep your produce nice and fresh. Plus, it’s available in plenty of sizes so you’ll be able to find an option for all of your needs. Keep your lettuce fresh, too, with these storage containers.

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Surlatable Strawberry Huller
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Strawberry Huller

Sure, you could use a paring knife to hull berries, but this strawberry huller is way cuter and way more fun (plus, it wastes much less fruit than using a knife). A retractable claw grabs onto your berries’ stem and effortlessly removes the hull. Sweet!

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Produce Wash
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Produce Wash

Whether you pick berries at the farm or the grocery store, you’ll want to give them a wash before enjoying them. Rid berries and other fruits and veggies from dirt, pesticides and more with plant-based Aunt Fannie’s Produce Wash.

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Garden Colander

If you grow berries at home (or any fruits or veggies really), a convenient basket for harvesting your crops is a must. This Garden Colander is perfect for holding garden-fresh strawberries or when picking raspberries and much more. And when you’re done picking, this basket is a great strainer. You can wash your picks right inside.

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Strawberry Slicer

Whether you’re making a succulent strawberry salad or a dreamy strawberry pie, you’ll want this “slicester” tool on hand. It minimizes prep time by effortlessly cutting your strawbs into perfect, even pieces.

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Picking Basket
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Picking Basket

Spending a lot of time in the garden? Get this hands-free picking basket to make harvesting easy. Strap it around your waist and pop berries (or whatever you love to grow) into the bin as you harvest.

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Berry Basket

Excess water is a berry’s worst nightmare. (Hello, mold!) That’s why we love this smart container that drains excess moisture away from your berries so they stay fresher for longer.

This cute basket is one of our must-haves for summer. Be sure to check out some other nifty summer kitchen gear.

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Stasher Bundle
via stasherbag.com

Reusable Storage Bags

Berries make a great snack or picnic side. Stow ’em in style with these reusable Stasher bags. These silicone bags are also freezer-safe, so you can freeze fruits for later and store them in these eco-friendly, zip-top bags.

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Strawberry Towel
via etsy.com/AarynWest

Kitchen Towels

Don’t toss wet berries into your desserts, jams or even a storage container. After rinsing, pat berries dry with a soft kitchen towel like this strawberry tea towel.

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Ceramic Berry Box

Nostalgia alert! This cute container looks just like the ones you saw at Grandma’s farmhouse. When you’re not using this ceramic container to contain your crop, fill it with flowers for a stunning centerpiece.

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