Berry Recipes

Make anything from breakfast to brunch, bakery to beverages with these berry recipes, including recipes that use blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and more.

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      We Tested 6 Ways to Store Strawberries to Find the Best Method

      Keep your strawberries fresh for as long as possible! We tested six methods to find out how to store strawberries and were surprised by the best technique.

      Rose and Raspberry Fool

      I came up with this recipe when I was going through a floral phase, putting rose or lavender in everything....

      Air-Fryer Pecan Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

      Chock-full of berries and rhubarb, this pretty cobbler is the perfect finale for a dinner for two. Both the pecans...

      24 Healthy Blueberry Recipes

      Take advantage of these healthy blueberry recipes. We love this mini-yet-mighty fruit's health benefits, so be sure to stock your...

      Chocolate-Glazed Raspberry Eclairs

      I first made choux pastry in high school for a French class assignment, and I was fascinated. Since then, chocolate...

      What to Make If You Love Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

      Strawberry Pretzel Dessert (or do you call it strawberry pretzel salad?) is an iconic dish that can be seen at...

      Cranberry-Walnut Belgian Waffles

      Belgian waffles have larger squares and deeper pockets than American waffles. I make mine with nutrition boosters like whole wheat,...

      How to Wash Berries for Best Results

      Summer means fun in the sun and plenty of fresh berries! Learn how to wash berries, from blackberries to raspberries,...

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      35 Low-Calorie Strawberry Desserts

      Don't you love it when a dessert tastes and looks decadent, but isn't? These light, low-calorie strawberry dessert recipes have...

      8 Tools, Gadgets and Containers That Make the Most of Fresh Berries

      Visiting the strawberry patch or farmers market this year? Make your berries last longer and taste even better with these...

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      15 Refreshing Strawberry and Mint Recipes

      Cool off with our favorite strawberry mint recipes. These refreshing ideas are the perfect way to use up your garden...

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      How to Make Strawberry Shortcake from Scratch

      Berry season is here! Make the most of it and learn how to make strawberry shortcake with your just-picked harvest.

      44 Old-Fashioned Blueberry Desserts You Should Have in Your Recipe Box

      Time to start berry picking! These blueberry desserts make the most of those fresh-picked berries and are filled with vintage...

      75 Delicious Berry Desserts You Need to Try

      Berry desserts are some of our favorites—especially when topped with a generous scoop of ice cream. Check out our favorite...

      Cherry-Lime Shrub

      This festive lime shrub cocktail is perfect for the holidays. The vinegar portion can be made up to one week...

      Fresas con Crema

      This refreshing fresas con crema recipe is wonderful when berries are in season. Media crema is a rich, unsweetened cream...

      Blueberry Iced Tea

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      I enjoy coming up with new ways to use my slow cooker in the kitchen. Serve this blueberry iced tea...

      Learn How to Hull Strawberries 3 Simple Ways

      We've got berries on the brain! Before you start baking, though, learn how to hull strawberries quickly and efficiently.

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      35 of Grandma’s Favorite Vintage Strawberry Desserts

      Make your grandma proud when you bake these strawberry desserts—including summery cakes, juicy pies, sweet cookies and more.

      Triple Berry Mini Pies

      I came up with these berry hand pies one summer day when I had an abundance of fresh blueberries, gooseberries...

      Sparkling Strawberry Agar-Agar

      Sparkling strawberry agar-agar is a refreshing summer dessert. This recipe is super light and clean—ideal for hot days. With only...

      80 Strawberry Dessert Recipes to Swoon Over

      These bursting-with-berries sweets are too pretty to pass up! Grab a serving (or two) of our favorite strawberry dessert recipes.

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      21 Lemon-Blueberry Recipes That Are Perfect for Spring

      Spring has officially sprung, and you know what that means! It's time for light, refreshing and bright desserts like these...

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      46 Dreamy Strawberry and Cream Desserts

      Nothing goes better together than fresh strawberries and silky smooth cream. Pair this classic combo in pies, cakes and more.

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      Top 10 Strawberry Desserts

      Celebrate berry season with these best-loved strawberry desserts. From pie and cake to trifle and bars, these top-rated recipes are...

      21 of Our Best Cranberry Bread Recipes

      Whether enjoyed with a meal or served as a snack, these bakes are the perfect indulgence. We've rounded up our...

      Frozen Blueberry-Mint Margarita

      1 review

      Refreshing and fruity, you need this frozen blueberry margarita in hand this summer. —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor

      Frozen Strawberry-Basil Margarita

      Fresh, fruity and oh, so cool, this strawberry-basil margarita may be the perfect summer cocktail. —James Schend, Taste of Home...

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      24 Reasons Cranberry-Orange Is the Best Holiday Flavor Combo

      Brighten up your table with these cranberry-orange recipes, ranging from breakfast dishes and desserts to festive beverages.

      Orange Cranberry Sauce

      In about 20 minutes, with just a few ingredients, you can have the freshest cranberry orange sauce you've ever tasted....