Blackberry Recipes

From cakes, cobblers, tarts, crisps and cocktails, fresh blackberries add a bright pop of flavor for sweet treats. Find the best blackberry recipes right here.

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    Blackberry Crumble

    1 review

    When ingredients are in their prime, all you have to do is keep it simple. That’s why we pull up this recipe for blackberry crumble as soon as the dark purple fruits find their way to the market.

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    Blackberry Dump Cake

    This blackberry dump cake is a perfect summer fruit dessert—especially when served on the porch with a scoop of ice...

    Blackberry Peach Cobbler

    This blackberry peach cobbler recipe is inspired by seasonal fruit, showcasing juicy peaches and tart blackberries underneath a crisp cobbler...

    Blackberry Margarita

    The blackberry margarita is a fun twist on a classic margarita. It gets its citrusy flavor from lime juice and...

    Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Filling

    2 reviews

    My husband and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day, so the holiday is extra special in our house. Each year...

    How to Pick the Best Blackberries

    Eating fragrant, juicy blackberries is a rite of summertime. Here's how to pick blackberries, whether you're at the store or...

    Cherry-Lime Shrub

    This festive lime shrub cocktail is perfect for the holidays. The vinegar portion can be made up to one week...

    Blackberry Buttercream

    1 review

    Juicy blackberry buttercream frosting has a stunning color and sophisticated flavor. This frosting works especially well on rich, decadent chocolate...

    Lemon Blackberry Tortilla French Toast

    2 reviews

    This twist on crepes is tart-sweet with a creamy lemon filling and juicy blackberries. Think of this as a cross...

    31 Desserts to Make with Blackberries

    Big, beautiful blackberries are the star of these sweet treats!

    Blackberry Balsamic Spinach Salad

    8 reviews

    This lightly dressed salad is packed with superfoods! When I have time, I make my vinaigrette from scratch. —Mary Lou...

    Chipotle Berry Fruit Salsa

    1 review

    Not too hot, but with a bit of a kick, this salsa is a perfect topping for grilled fish or...

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    40 Blackberry Recipes Bursting with Juicy Flavor

    Delicious blackberry recipes transform this mini morsel into mouth-watering cobblers, jams, pies, parfaits and more. Grab a fork.

    Blackberry Daiquiri Sherbet

    When I decided to try making sherbet, which is one of my favorites, blackberries were in season in my mom's...

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    Mama’s Blackberry Cobbler

    32 reviews

    Learn how to make blackberry cobbler—the best way to use fresh, juicy berries!

    Mixed Berry Tiramisu

    1 review

    Because I love tiramisu, I came up with this deliciously refreshing twist on the traditional coffee-flavored Italian dessert. Fresh softened...

    Blackberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    3 reviews

    If you’re looking for a gourmet grilled cheese recipe, your search is over. With five kinds of cheese and fresh...

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    Fresh Blackberry Pie

    26 reviews

    Celebrate the summer harvest with our blackberry pie. One slice, and you’ll see why this pie is the best pie.

    Rise and Shine Parfait

    4 reviews

    Start your day with a smile. This fruit, yogurt and granola parfait is so easy to make. If you like,...

    Chilled Mixed Berry Soup

    As a lovely addition to a luncheon menu, our home economists recommend this cool, fruity soup featuring three kinds of...

    Berry Phyllo Tarts

    Lightly glazed fresh fruit nestled in delicate pastry creates a looks-like-you-fussed dessert. Shares TerryAnn Moore of Vineland, New Jersey. "One...

    Wild Berry Freezer Jam

    One year, I decided I wanted to make a wild berry jam but couldn't find a recipe, so I invented...

    Blackberry Nectarine Pie

    Blackberries are a big crop in my area, so I've prepared this pretty double-fruit pie many times. I can always...

    Grandma’s Blackberry Cake

    5 reviews

    A lightly seasoned spice cake lets the wonderful flavor of blackberries shine through in this delectable blackberry cake recipe. —Diana...

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    Blackberry Lemonade

    8 reviews

    Here's a special drink that's perfect when blackberries are in season. It has a tangy, refreshing flavor. —Rich Murray, Nevada,...

    Blackberry Dumplings

    6 reviews

    As long as I can remember, my mother has been making blackberry dumplings. They finish cooking while you eat—and they...

    Apricot-Blackberry Pie

    Blackberries became my favorite fruit after I harvested them from my grandfather’s yard in Greece. I mix them with apricots...

    Oregon’s Best Marionberry Pie

    3 reviews

    I believe Marionberries make the best berry pie in the world. And when you add some cream cheese and flavorings,...

    Berries in Champagne Jelly

    1 review

    My sister gave me this recipe a few years back when I was looking for an elegant fruit dish to...

    Berry Breakfast Parfaits

    1 review

    Expecting brunch company but short on time? Parfaits are the perfect solution. Feel free to mix and match with whatever...