The Secret Way to Hull a Strawberry Super Fast

Our Test Kitchen shows you an insanely easy hack for hulling strawberries.

Three strawberry lemon shortcakes sitting on a platter and overflowing with strawberries

Sure, you can prep strawberries by simply chopping off their tops, but doing so wastes more of the luscious fruit than we think is acceptable. Here’s a better way to do it.

You’ll need:

A drinking straw
Strawberries, washed

With the straw, pierce through the pointy side of a strawberry. Push the straw up through the center of the fruit until it pushes the leafy cap off.
person poking a drinking straw through the center of a strawberry

Ta-da! Not only have you neatly gotten rid of the leaves, you’ve also hulled the strawberry (removed its watery white core).

Repeat with as many strawberries as you like. Eat a fistful, or toss berries into a fruit salad or pie filling.

Test Kitchen Tips:

  • Be sure to wash the strawberries before you hull them. Rinsing a cut berry can flood the fruit, giving it a less pleasant texture.
  • Use the straw trick any time you’re prepping strawberries in bulk, as for jam or freezing.
  • We reuse our drinking straws: Just wash them by hand in soapy water and let dry thoroughly.
  • This is a great kitchen task for kids, as there are no knives involved.

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