Over 17,000 Shoppers Use This Personal Blender Every Morning—and It’s on Deep Discount

Updated: Apr. 12, 2023

Delicious, on-the-go smoothies blend well with 30% savings.

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Last year, my foodie-focused world turned upside down when my husband’s doctor ordered a diet change. No more fried halibut or juicy steaks every day—we’re a smoothie household now. Unfortunately, relying solely on smoothie deliveries just isn’t sustainable for our wallets. When we started shopping for a personal blender, Amazon was the logical stop.

Finding a personal blender on Amazon requires a lot of shopping prowess. Hundreds of personal blenders line the virtual shelves. If you’re anything like this Shopping Editor, checking the Amazon Outlet is the first step. With markdowns of up to 50% on appliances, cookware sets and kitchen utensils, it’s always worth scoping out potential savings.

When nothing caught my eye, the next destination was Amazon’s deals section—and that’s where I found the PopBabies portable blender.

What is the PopBabies portable blender from Amazon?

There are tons of portable blender options on the market, but a few key features make the PopBabies portable blender stand out from the rest. The sizable 14-ounce blending jar operates as a to-go cup, so it’s easy to take to work or in the car while running errands. The lid offers a convenient handle for easy travel.

Because the unit is dishwasher safe, it’s easy to clean and requires very little upkeep. PopBabies personal blenders offer one of the most powerful personal blender motors on the market. It makes short work of small ice cubes, fruit and seeds. As a bonus, it comes with a free mini ice cube tray and funnel for easy protein drinks, smoothies and frappes.

The PopBabies personal blender is so powerful and smooth, it rivals some of the best blenders on the market. Like the cordless KitchenAid collection, the PopBabies personal blender uses a USB cord to charge. Reviewers note that once fully charged, the blender lasts a couple of days on battery use. (Speaking of, reviewers can’t get enough of this retro-looking Frigidaire blender, either.)

Plus, the blenders come in a variety of pretty colors. Coordinate the shades to match your favorite Beautiful by Drew Barrymore appliances.


What are personal blenders used for?

As laid out in Taste of Home’s blender buying guide, blenders come in a huge range of sizes. Personal blenders from Amazon and big brands like Ninja, Vitamix and NutriBullet are on the smaller end of the spectrum, and usually yield just a few cups of blitzed fruit per serving.

This pint-sized appliance is appealing to those who consume a lot of smoothies—the portable stature and cordless operation make it easy to take it with you to the office, beach or while running errands. Plus, it’s perfect for single servings if you have a smaller family (or are the only one who enjoys smoothies).

Are portable blenders worth it?

Whether personal blenders are worth it depends on your smoothie style. Unlike food processors, portable blenders can’t pulverize large chunks of fruit or big ice cubes. Instead, look for a reasonable amount of power—your portable blender should easily tackle small ice cubes and fruit cut into one-inch chunks.

Similarly, it’s worth noting that, unlike immersion blenders, personal blenders aren’t meant for hot foods like soups and sauces. Cold items should blend just fine, provided they’re the correct size. For someone who is always on the go, a personal blender makes it easy to jet out the door without having to wait for breakfast to finish blending.

If you know the limits of personal blenders—and you temper your expectations accordingly—you’ll find that the PopBabies personal blender is a solid investment.

How much does this portable blender on Amazon cost?

Pop Babies Portable Blendervia merchant

The normal price of the PopBabies personal blender is around $50. Snag additional travel bottles from the PopBabies Amazon store for only $16. However, for a limited time, the PopBabies blender—in all six colors—is available at a savings of 26%. Use the opportunity to pick one up for yourself and as a gift for a friend or family member.

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