This Robotic Jar Opener That Shoppers Call a ‘Lifesaver’ Is on Sale

Updated: Jul. 05, 2023

Save your hands from strain with this on-sale tool that automatically opens even the toughest jars.

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You finally found the perfect recipe to use up that jar of green olives taking up valuable cupboard space. It’s dinner time, and all you need to do is crack open the jar, distribute the delicious green gems and the perfect meal is ready for your table. Except—oh no—since when are lids this tough to turn? Enter the RoboTwist electric jar opener, which we hope is included in Amazon Prime Day.

What is the RoboTwist electric jar opener?

The RoboTwist electric jar opener works similarly to the viral stubborn jar opener that’s all over TikTok. Like the under-cabinet jar opener, it’s small enough to stow away in a drawer, so it’s the perfect device for tiny homes. Where it differs from other jar openers is in the execution.

This kitchen gadget does all the work of gripping, rotating and opening a jar. It’s one of the best kitchen products for the elderly, children and those who suffer from a lack of independence in the kitchen.

To use it, set it on a jar’s lid and press the button. It includes two large twisting vice grips, so it works on nearly any jar size. Once engaged, the robotic jar opener automatically uses its vice grips to hold the unit in place and twist the jar lid off for you. Because it prevents straining, we consider it a must-have kitchen safety product for those who require extra accommodations while cooking.

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Why Shoppers Love It

When your muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be or you’re developing arthritis, simple tasks in the kitchen become a complex hurdle. The RoboTwist automatic jar opener makes cooking more accessible for folks who struggle with hand and arm strength. If you don’t need it for accessibility reasons but you’re always handing stubborn jars to your husband (I’m guilty), it eliminates the need for a third party.

Is the RoboTwist electric jar opener on sale for Prime Day?

We hope to see the RoboTwist electric jar opener on markdown for Prime Day 2023. This kitchen gadget joins some of the best vacuum deals and appliance sales happening in early summer ahead of the much-anticipated shopping event.

Amazon Prime Day deals include seriously good savings in nearly every category on the retailer’s website, including home decor and top brands like KitchenAid. Prime Members can save up to 50% across tons of different kitchenware. We expect to see slashed prices on everything from Instant Pots to air fryers and coffee makers.

Keep an eye out for some of our favorite finds—like the viral veggie chopper—on deep discount during Prime’s early access deals.

What Reviewers Are Saying

Verified reviewer Sandyvhs writes, “I was having some upper body issues and my chiropractor suggested this so as not to strain certain muscles when opening jars. I do a lot of canning. He had used one while visiting someone and he bought one. It was funny to get ‘doctor’s orders’ for a jar opener. I did get it and love it.”

Where To Buy the RoboTwist Electric Jar Opener

Robotwist Jar Openervia merchant

For those looking to purchase this electric jar opener, Amazon is the place to find it. The retailer has it listed for only $20—a total steal when you consider all the barriers it knocks down in the kitchen. For a limited time, scoop one up before it sells out again! At that price, you may want to snag a second for your parents or friends, too.

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